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Friday, December 17, 2010


Q.  The coldest place on the earth is
A.  Verkoyansk in Siberia
Q.  Why is one's breath visible in winter but not in summer?
A.  In winter, water vapor contained in the breath condenses into small droplets, which become visible but in summer they are quickly evaporated and not seen.


Q.  Why are white clothes more comfortable in summer than dark or black ones?
A.  White clothes are good reflectors and bad absorbers of heat, whereas dark or black clothes are good absorbers of heat. Therefore, white clothes are more comfortable because they do not absorb heat from the sun rays.


Q.  Why is a rainbow seen after a shower?
A.  After a shower, the clouds containing water droplets act like a prism through which the white light is dispersed producing a spectrum.
Q.  Why are air coolers less effective during the rainy season?
A.  During the rainy reason, the atmosphere air is saturated with moisture. Therefore, the process of evaporation of water from the moist pads of the cooler slows down thereby not cooling the air blown out from the cooler.