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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dictionary [Z]

zabaglionefrothy custard
zabernismmisuse of military authority; bullying
zabrasmall Spanish sailing vessel
zabutonflat Japanese cushion for kneeling or sitting
zaffreimpure cobalt oxide
zaftighaving a full; rounded figure
zaitechinvestment in financial markets by a company in order to boost profits
zakuskahors d'oeuvre; snack
zalambdodonthaving molar teeth with V-shaped ridges
zamacuecaChilean dance where partners move around each other
zamarrasheepskin jacket
zambombaSpanish percussion instrument
zambraSpanish dance
zampognaItalian bagpipe
zamponestuffed pigs' trotter sausage
zandera variety of European perch
zanellamixed twilled umbrella fabric
zanjerosupervisor of irrigation canals
zanzeAfrican musical instrument like castanets
zapataflowing, drooping moustache
zapateadoLatin-American dance with rhythmic tapping of the feet
zappylively; entertaining
zarfornamental holder for hot coffee cup
zariIndian gold and silver brocade
zaribasquare fence of thorn-bushes; fortified camp
zarzuelatraditional Spanish vaudeville show; fish and shellfish stew
zatchfemale genitalia
zayatBurmese public meeting-hall or house of worship
zazzyflashy; stylish
zebrineof, like or pertaining to zebras
zebrinnyoffspring of male horse and female zebra
zebroidlike or resembling a zebra
zebrulehybrid offspring of male zebra and female horse
zebuox with hump and dewlap
zedoaryaromatic root resembling ginger
zegedinesilver drinking-cup
zeitgeberrhythmically occurring event that cues organisms' biological rhythms
zekinmate of prison labour camp
zelform of Oriental cymbal
zelatorsister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns
zelatrixolder nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns
zelophobiairrational or fear of jealousy
zeloticof the nature of a zealot
zelotypiajealousy; excessive zeal in carrying out a project
zemeCaribbean idol or totem
zemindarin colonial India, an indigenous revenue collector or landholder
zemirahHebrew religious song sung at Sabbath meals
zemniblind mole-rat
zenanasystem of segregating women away from men in harems
zendaletlarge black woollen shawl worn over the head or shoulders
zendikheretic; magician
zendohall for Zen Buddhist meditation
zenocentricmeasured with reference to the planet Jupiter
zenographystudy of the planet Jupiter
zenzicsquare of a number
zenzizenzizenziceighth power of a number
zephyrlightweight wool or worsted fabric; the west wind
zeppolea variety of doughnut
zeroableable to be omitted from a sentence without any loss of meaning
zetasmall room or closet in a church
zeteticproceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation
zeugmause of a word to modify two or more words in different ways
zeugmatographyimaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zezestringed instrument resembling a zither
zhocross between a yak and a cow
ziametlarge ancient Turkish fiefdom
zibelinesoft piled wool
zibelineof, like or pertaining to the sable
zibibcolourless alcoholic drink made from raisins
zigankaRussian country dance
zigguratMesopotamian step pyramid
zillfinger cymbals used in belly dancing
zincicof, pertaining to or containing zinc
zinciferousbearing zinc
zincographyprocess of engraving or etching on zinc
zinebwhite powder used as fungicide
zinkeold wind instrument resembling the cornet
zinkiferousbearing zinc
zinniabrightly coloured annual flower
zinnoberchrome green
ziraleetexpression of joy among Arab women
zirconicof or pertaining to zirconium
zitellayoung girl; maiden
zithermusical instrument with strings laid over horizontal board
zitipasta shaped like large macaroni
zizyphusspiny fruit-bearing shrub
zizzsparkle; vim
zoanthropydelusion that one is an animal
zoariumsupporting structure for a polyp colony
zodiographerone who writes about animals
zoeticliving; vital
zoetropeslotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation
zograscopeoptical device for viewing stereoscopic images
zoiatricsveterinary surgery
zoicof, like or pertaining to animals; containing evidence of life
zoilismcarping and unjust criticism
zoismdoctrine that life originates from a single vital principle
zollvereincustoms union
zolotnikold Russian unit of weight equal to 1/6 of an ounce
zomotherapymedical treatment using raw meat
zonagirdle or belt; patch or band
zonalof or like a zone; arranged in zones
zonariousof or pertaining to a girdle or purse
zonaryof or like a zone; arranged in zones
zoneleta little zone
zonoidlike a zone
zonulesmall zone
zonuleta small belt or girdle
zonuresmall South African lizard
zooarchaeologystudy of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoocentriccentred on the animal world
zoochemistrychemistry of animals
zoochorousof seeds or spores spread by animals
zoochoryspread of plant seeds or spores by animals
zooculturedomestication of animals
zoocytiuma hollow vessel
zoodikersan exclamation
zoodynamicsdynamics of animal bodies
zoogamysexual reproduction of animals
zoogenicproduced from animals
zoogeographystudy of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeologystudy of fossil animal remains
zoogonousgiving birth to live offspring
zoografttissue from an animal grafted to a human
zoographythe painting or description of animals
zoogyroscopedevice for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooidasexually produced organism resembling an animal
zoolatryexcessive devotion to animals or pets
zoolitefossil animal
zoomagnetismanimal magnetism
zoomancydivination by observing animals
zoomaniainsane fondness for animals
zoometrymeasurement of animals
zoomimeticimitating an animal or part of an animal
zoomorphichaving the form or shape of an animal
zoomorphismconception of a god or man in animal form
zoonorganism regarded as a complete animal
zoonicof, like or pertaining to or derived from animals
zoonomyanimal physiology
zoonosisdisease of animals which can be transmitted to humans
zoonosologystudy of animal diseases
zoopathologystudy of animal diseases
zooperyexperimentation on animals
zoophagyeating animals
zoophilialoving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophilyloving or caring for animals; bestiality
zoophobiafear of animals
zoophoruscontinuous frieze depicting humans and animals
zoophysicsphysics of animal bodies
zoophysiologystudy of physiology of animals
zoophyteplant-like animal such as coral
zoophytologystudy of plant-like animals
zoopraxiscopedevice for depicting the movement of animals through rotating images
zooscopyhallucination that one is seeing animals
zoosemioticsstudy of animal communication
zoosophyknowledge or learning concerning animals
zootaxyscience of classifying animals
zootechnicsscience of breeding animals
zoothapsispremature burial
zootheismattribution of divine qualities to animals
zootherapyveterinary therapeutics
zootomydissection of animals; comparative anatomy
zootoxinpoison derived from animal
zootrophyfeeding or tending of animals
zootypeanimal serving as a type; figure of an animal used to represent a deity
zopissacombination of wax and pitch used for medicinal purposes
zoppasyncopated; limping (in music)
zoppettomedieval Italian limping hop dance
zoriJapanese thonged sandals
zorinoeuphemism for skunk fur
zostera girdle
zosteriformshaped like a girdle
zosteropssmall tropical bird with a ring of white feathers around the eyes
zoukCaribbean disco dance and corresponding type of fast rhythmic music
zoundsmild oath
zoysiaperennial subtropical grass
zubrowkavodka flavoured with sweet-grass
zucchettoround skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank
zuchetree stump
zufolosmall flute used to train songbirds
zugwaterproof leather used for boots
zugtrompeteslide trumpet
zugzwangchess blockade
zulein heraldry, a chess rook
zumbadorSouth American hummingbird
zumbooruksmall cannon carried on the back of a camel
zuppafish soup
zurlaYugoslavian shawm
zurnaTurkish bagpipe or shawm
zwiebacksweet toasted biscuit
zwischenzugchess move made to play for time
zwitterionion carrying both a positive and negative charge
zydecoLouisiana Creole dance music
zygalformed like the letter H; of, like or pertaining to a yoke or union
zygnomiclegally supported constraint on human freedom
zygodactylichaving two toes in front and two behind
zygologyscience of joining and fastening
zygomabony arch on the side of the skull
zygomorphicbilaterally symmetrical
zygonconnecting bar
zygopleuralbilaterally symmetrical
zymicof, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymitepriest using leavened bread during communion
zymogeniccausing fermentation
zymologyscience of fermentation
zymometerinstrument for measuring fermentation
zymosimeterinstrument for measuring fermentation
zymotechnicsthe art of fermentation
zymoticof, like or pertaining to fermentation
zymurgybranch of chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling
zythumancient Egyptian beer
zyzzyvaSouth American weevil

Dictionary [Y]

yabbalarge Jamaican earthenware or wooden vessel
yabbysmall edible freshwater crayfish
yachtyrelating to yachts
yadrod used by readers of the Torah as a pointer for following text
yaffto bark like a snarling dog
yaffingalegreen woodpecker
yagsynthetic diamond made of yttrium aluminum garnet
yagernineteenth-century rifle
yahrzeitJewish remembrance of the first anniversary of someone's death
yairtidal enclosure for catching fish
yajnaHindu sacrificial rite
yakhdanbox used for carrying ice on back of pack animal
yakowanimal crossbred from male yak and domestic cow
yalemythical animal resembling tusked horse with elephant's tail and used in heraldry
yamposting-house along a road
yantrageometrical diagram designed as a meditation aid
yapokan amphibious opossum of South America
yapplimp leather binding in which cover overlaps edges of book
yarakof a hawk, in good condition for hunting
yarboroughhand of cards containing no card above nine
yardagecharge for use of a yard
yardangridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds
yardarmeither end of the yard of a square-rigged ship
yarderdonkey-engine used in logging
yardlandunit of land area equal to 30 acres
yaremarked by quickness and agility; nimble; prepared; easily handled
yarlingwailing; howling
yarmulkeskullcap worn by Orthodox Jewish men
yarnwindletool for winding yarn into a ball
yarphapeatbog; sandy or fibrous peat
yarrowflowering herb growing in moist areas; milfoil
yashikiresidence of a feudal Japanese nobleman
yashmakdouble Muslim veil leaving only eyes uncovered
yataghanlong curved knife or sabre
yatespecies of eucalyptus tree with strong wood
yautiaroot crop of the West Indies like a yam
yawto move unsteadily side to side; to rotate about a vertical axis
yawlship's small boat; sailboat carrying mainsail and one or more jibs
yawnyprone to yawning; characterized by yawning
yealingperson of the same age
yeanto give birth to a lamb or kid
yeanlinglamb; kid
yeastyfull of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial
yedeto go
yegga burglar of safes
yelekouter garment worn by Turkish women
yellowto bellow; to yelp
yellowbackcheap sensational novel
yelma straight bundle of straw used for thatching
yelta young sow
yeomanetteold term for a female yeoman in the American naval reserve
yerkto draw tight; to bind
yeukto itch
yexto hiccup, belch or spit
yikkerto utter sharp little cries
yirdto bury
ylemin alchemy, substance from which the elements developed
yoghletter in Middle English representing y or 'hh' sound
yogibogeyboxmaterials used by a spiritualist
yoicksexpression of surprise or excitement
yompto carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain
yonderlymentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded
yonisymbol representing female genitals
yordimemigrants who leave Israel
younkera young person
yowiea little ewe
yperitemustard gas
ypsiliformshaped like an upsilon
yrnehunit of reciprocal inductance
yttriferousbearing yttrium
yuprecious jade
yuftRussia leather
yuketo itch

Dictionary [X]

xanthareelyellow eel formerly used in medicinal foods
xanthicyellow; yellowish
xanthippeill-tempered woman
xanthocarpoushaving yellow fruit
xanthochroiayellowness of the skin
xanthochroichaving yellow skin
xanthocyanopsyform of colour-blindness in which only blue and yellow can be distinguished
xanthodermyellow-skinned person
xanthodontone with yellow teeth
xanthomadisease characterized by yellow patches on the skin
xanthometerinstrument for measuring colour of sea or lake water
xanthophyllsubstance causing yellow colour of autumn leaves
xanthopsiaa visual condition where things appear yellow
xanthospermoushaving yellow seeds
xanthousyellow or red-haired
xebecsmall three-masted pirate ship
xemefork-tailed gull
xenagogueguide; someone who conducts strangers
xenialof or concerning hospitality towards guests
xeniumgift made to a guest or ambassador; any compulsory gift
xenobioticindicating a substance or item foreign to the body
xenocracygovernment by a body of foreigners
xenodiagnosisdiagnosis of disease by allowing laboratory-bred diseases to affect material
xenodocheionologylove of hotels
xenodochialhospitable; kindly to strangers
xenodochiumbuilding for the reception of strangers
xenogeneicof a disease, derived from an individual of a different species
xenogenesisgeneration of offspring entirely unlike the parent
xenogenousdue to an outside cause
xenoglossiaperson's knowledge of a language never studied
xenolaliaperson's knowledge of a language never studied
xenolithfragment of extraneous rock embedded in magma or another rock
xenomancydivination using strangers
xenomaniainordinate attachment to foreign things
xenomeniamenstruation from abnormal orifices
xenomorphichaving a form not its own
xenophilialove of foreigners
xenophobiafear of foreigners
xenopsa small tropical rainforest bird
xenurinespecies of armadillo
xeransisdrying up
xerarchgrowing in dry places
xerasiaabnormal dryness of the hair
xericdry; lacking in moisture
xerodermiaabnormal dryness of the skin
xerophagyeating of dry food; fast of dry food in the week preceding Easter
xerophilyadaptation to very dry conditions
xerophobousunable to survive drought
xerophthalmiadryness and soreness of the eyes
xerophyticable to withstand drought
xeroradiographyprocess for taking permanent pictures of X-ray images
xerosisabnormal dryness of body parts
xerostomiaexcessive dryness of the mouth
xerothermicdry and hot
xerotripsisdry friction
xesturgyprocess of polishing
xilinousof, like or pertaining to cotton
xiphopagusconjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso
xiphophylloushaving sword-shaped leaves
xiphosuranhorseshoe crab
xoanonprimitive wooden statue overlaid with ivory and gold
xographyphotographic process for producing three-dimensional images
xuformer monetary unit of Vietnam
xylangelatinous compound found in wood
xylaryof, like or pertaining to xylem
xylemwoody portion of a plant
xylocarphard and woody fruit
xylogenousgrowing on wood
xylographyart of engraving on wood
xyloidwoody; ligneous
xylologystudy of wood
xylomancydivination by examining wood found in one's path
xylometerinstrument measuring specific gravity of wood
xylophilousfond of wood; living in or on wood
xylopolistone who sells wood
xylopyrographyengraving designs on wood with hot poker
xylorimbacombination of xylophone and marimba
xylotherapyuse of certain sorts of wood in treating disease
xylotomouswood-cutting; wood-boring
xylotypographicprinted from wooden blocks
xystarchancient Greek officer in charge of gymnastic exercises
xystersurgeon's instrument for scraping bones
xystonshort pike used by Greek heavy cavalry
xystuscovered walkway for exercises

Dictionary [W]

wackold name for decomposed basalt
wadmalthick coarse wool
waftagetransportation through water or air
waftureact of waving or wafting
wagonettecarriage with one crosswise seat in front, two seats in back
wagtailan obsequious person; a harlot
wainageteam and implements needed for cultivation of land
wainscotto line with boards or panels; fine oak panelling
wairtimber of six feet in length and one foot in width
waitsmusicians employed to play on ceremonial occasions
wakerifewakeful; indisposed to sleep
waldfluteorgan flute stop of 4 feet in length
waldgraveold German title of nobility
waldhornFrench valveless hunting horn
waleto choose; the act of choosing
walleteerone who carries a wallet
wallydragfeeble or worthless person or animal
walmto spout; to boil up
waltyinclined to tip over or lean
wamblechurning of the stomach; wobbling or rolling motion
wamethe womb or belly; a protuberant hollow part
wamuscardigan or jacket buttoned at neck and wrists
wanchancyunlucky; uncanny
wangthe cheek; a molar
waniganpay office in a lumber camp
wanionill luck; misfortune
wankleunstable or unsteady
wantagedeficiency; shortage
wanzeto decrease; to waste away
wapenshawperiodic gathering to evaluate readiness of men for combat
wapentakearchaic sub-division of certain counties
waqfcharitable donation for Islamic religious purposes
warblesmall tumour suffered by horses under the saddle area
wardcornpayment of corn in place of military service
wardenkind of pear used in cooking
wardmotemeeting of a ward or a court of a ward
wardroomquarters for ship's officers
warisonwealth; reward; punishment
warrantisethe act of guaranteeing or warranting; an assurance
warrayto make war on
warrenheart-shaped hoe
warrenerkeeper of a warren of rabbits
wasesmall bundle of hay or straw for resting one's head
washballball of toilet soap
washboardbroad thin plank along ship's gunwale to keep out sea water
washerylocation where industrial washing takes place
washeterialaundromat or launderette
washithin Japanese paper used to make kites and lanterns
washlandarea periodically flooded by river
wasman outdated policy, doctrine or theory
wassailtoast to someone's health; to go caroling or carousing; spiced ale
wassermanman-shaped sea monster
wastelsweet flaky bread made with fine flour and butter
wastelotunused lot of land in a built-up area
wasterwooden sword used for practicing fencing
wastiveliable to waste
watchetpale blue
watchglasssmall dish used for holding small amounts of a solution
watchingfully afloat
wateragefee paid for travelling on water
waterishresembling or filled with water; insipid or diluted
watermanboatman or ferryman
waterworkpiece of fabric painted to resemble a tapestry
wattmeterinstrument for measuring electrical power
waulkto full cloth
waulkercloth fuller
wavemeterinstrument for measuring wavelengths
wavesongoods floating on the sea after a shipwreck
waxclothoilcloth; linoleum
wayboardthin geological seam separating larger strata
waygoneexhausted from long travels
waymentlamentation; grief
waywiserinstrument for measuring distance travelled
wayzgooseannual employees' dinner or outing
wearto turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course
wearishtasteless; savourless
weasandthe gullet or windpipe
weatherboardweather side of a ship
weatherlyable to sail close to the wind with little leeway
weatherometerinstrument for measuring weather-resisting properties of paint
webcastlive broadcast transmitted on the World Wide Web
weberunit of magnetic flux equal to 100 million maxwells
webstera female weaver
webwheelwheel in which spokes, rim and centre made from one piece of material
wedelnskiing in a swiveling motion with skis close together
weedgarment or outfit worn during mourning
weedicidesomething that kills weeds
weedydressed in widow's mourning clothes
wegotismexcessive use of the pronoun 'we' in speech or writing
weighagefee paid for weighing goods
weirdwardbordering upon the supernatural
weldyellow dye; plant from which it is extracted
welkto twist about
welkinthe vault of the sky; firmament; heaven
wellawayexpression of sorrow or lamentation; alas
welterto be in a state of turmoil or chaos
wenenormously congested city
wergildfine paid by family of murderer to family of murder victim
wertfreiwithout value judgement; neutral
westingspace or distance westward
wethercastrated ram
weyold measure for dry goods usually equal to 40 bushels
whanga leather thong; a thick slice
whangaman imaginary animal
wharfingerkeeper or owner of a wharf
whataboutsthings with which one is occupied
wheala Cornish mine
wheatenthe golden colour of ripe wheat
wheelhouseshelter where ship's steering wheel kept
wheepsound made by a steel weapon when drawn from a sheath
wheepleto whistle feebly
whelkyknobby; rounded
whelveto cover with an upside down vessel
whemmleto overturn; to throw into a state of disorder
whencesoeverfrom whatsoever place or source
whereagainstagainst which
whereinsoeverin whatsoever respect or place
whereintointo which; into what
whereofof what
whereonon what
whereoutout of which
wherethroughthrough which; through the agency of
whereuntilto what
wherewithwith what
wherreta blow on the ear or side of the head
wherrylight shallow boat; barge
whichsoeverevery one that
whickerto neigh; to bleat
whiffto fish with hand line towed behind a boat
whiffetpaltry person; little dog
whifflerofficial who clears way for a procession
whifflerylevity; trifling
whifta slight puff or blast
whiggarchygovernment by Whigs
whilomformerly; once; former
whingorse; furze
whingerdirk or short sword
whinstonehard and compact rock
whinyardshort sword
whipcordfabric with bold twill used for making dresses
whipjackwhining beggar who pretends to be a sailor
whippeta small tank
whippletreecrosspiece of a carriage to which harnesses attached
whippypliant; supple
whipsawnarrow saw for cutting timber lengthwise
whipstaffvertical lever controlling ship's rudder
whipstallairplane stall causing nose to whip forward and down
whirretto give a sharp blow to
whiskerandoa whiskered person
whiskerinebeard-growing contest
whissto hiss or whistle
whistlermythical bird whose whistle is fatal to the listener
whitecoatwhite-furred seal pup
whitherto what place
whithersoeverto any place whatsoever
whitherwardtoward what or which place
whitleatherleather dressed with alum
whitlowabscess around a fingernail
whitsterbleacher of cloth and clothing
whittawerone who makes saddles or harnesses
whittlea woollen shawl or blanket
whodunitrygenre of writing poor mystery novels
wholestitchweaving stitch that fills in a pattern
whoresonbastard; whore's son; term of contempt
whosoeverevery one who
wicketsmall door forming part of larger door of a church or castle
widgeonfreshwater duck
widgetany small manufactured object
wiganstiff plain-woven cotton
wighta supernatural man-like being
wightnimble; strong; courageous
wilderto cause to stray
wildingthat which grows without cultivation
williwawsudden squall, tumult or disturbance
willowishof the colour of willow leaves
wimbleinstrument for boring holes; gimlet; auger
wimplecloth covering for head and neck worn by nuns
winceyplain or twilled cotton
windboundhindered from sailing by contrary winds
windcheaterwindproof jacket
windgallpuffy swelling around a horse's joints
windlasswinch used to raise a ship's anchor
windlasscircuitous movement; indirect action
windleappliance for winding yarn
windlestrawanything light or insubstantial; feeble person
windrosediagram showing yearly wind strengths for a locality
windrowhay raked together into a line
windthrowthe blowing over of trees by the wind
wingleta small wing
winklerone who extracts or forces something out little by little
winterbourneintermittent spring of water
winterimshort winter term at a private school designed for personal study
winterkillto kill by exposure to cold
winzesmall ventilating shaft between two levels of a mine
wippenpart of piano hammer raised when note played
wirbleto whirl; to turn round and round
wiredrawto reduce fluid pressure by passing it through a small orifice
wirewovevery fine quality of writing paper
wisto know, to believe
wiseacresomeone who unduly assumes air of superior wisdom
wiselingone who pretends to be wise
wisentEuropean bison
wisketa basket
wistto know
wistlylongingly; earnestly
witchknotknot in hair supposedly tied by witches
witelesswithout fault; blameless
witenagemotearly English national council
withalbesides; therewith; nevertheless; with
witheelastic tool handle to save the hand from shock of blows
withepartition between chimney flues
witherlingwithered or decrepit person; an adversary
withyflexible; wiry and agile; willow
witlingone who utters markedly feeble witticisms
witticastera petty or inferior wit
wittolone who knows wife's faithlessness and submits to it
witwantonto engage in irreverent wit
wiveto take for a wife; to marry a woman
wivernmythical two-legged winged monster
woadbroad-leafed plant yielding blue dye
wogglering of leather or plastic used to thread neckerchief
woldopen tract of country
womanthropea hater of women
wombyhollow; capacious
wondermongerone who promises miracles
wonderworkprodigy; miracle; thaumaturgy
wonea dwelling-place; custom or habit
woningstate of dwelling; dwelling-place
woodmad; insane; wild
woodmealsawdust and other wood waste used as industrial filler
woodreeveoverseer of a wood
woodsheddingspontaneous barbershop singing
woodwosewild man of the woods, used in heraldry as supporter; satyr or faun
woofitsan unwell feeling; depression
woolageuntidy hair
wooldto wind a rope or chain around
woolfellskin with the wool still on it
woolpackcirrocumulus cloud; a bale or bundle of wool
woolsacklarge wool-filled scarlet sack for the Lord Chancellor
woolseycotton and wool blend
woolwardwith wool next to the skin as punishment
woonerfroad in a residential district which uses various measures to calm traffic
woopiewell-off older person
worcesterfine wool
wordboundunable to find expression in words
wordbreakpoint of division in a word that runs onto the next line
workeristone who supports worker's rights
workshyhating or avoiding work; lazy
worldlinga person engrossed in concerns of the present world
wormcastspiral heap of earth left by burrowing worm
wormeryplace where worms are bred
wormillump in the skin of an animal's back
wormwoodsomething bitter, galling, or grievous
worricowscarecrow; hobgoblin; frightening-looking person
worsementdeterioration or deprecation of property without the owner's consent
worsificationthe composition of bad poetry
wortany herb or vegetable
wortinfusion of malt before fermentation
wortleperforated plate through which wire drawn to make thinner
woubita small and shabby person
woundycausing wounds; characterized by wounds
woundyexcessively; extremely
wrackseaweed or wreckage cast up on shore
wranglershipposition of being a wrangler at Cambridge University
wrawlto caterwaul
wretchocksmallest or weakest of a brood
wrickto twist; to sprain; to strain
wrightmaker; repairer
wristletwristband; small strap worn around the wrist
writativecharacterized by an inclination to write
writhledwrinkled; shriveled
wrongousunjust; wrongful
wrothwrathful; in commotion; stormy
wroxto decay; to rot
wuffleragricultural machine for turning and fluffing bales of hay
wurleya nest; an aboriginal hut
wurstlarge sausage
wurzelkind of beet
wutheringblowing strongly with a roaring sound
wyea Y-branching pipe or railroad track arrangement
wynold English rune having value 'w'
wyndnarrow street or lane
wyrdthe personification of fate or destiny

Dictionary [U]

uakarishort-tailed, long-haired monkey
uberousyielding an abundance of milk; abounding
ubertyfruitfulness; abundant productiveness
ubicationcondition of being in a certain location
ubietylocation; state of being in a definite place
ubiquitarianismbelief that Christ is everywhere
ubityplace or locality
ucalegonneighbour whose house is on fire
udalform of land tenure in Orkney and Shetland islands
udometerinstrument for measuring rainfall
ufologystudy of alien spacecraft
ughtenmorning twilight
ukaseedict; proclamation by an autocratic government
ulatrophyatrophy of the gums
ulcusclea small ulcer
uleticof, like or pertaining to the gums
uliginousslimy; oozy; swampy; growing in swampy places
ullagequantity by which vessel is under full capacity
ullagonecry of lamentation; funeral lament
ulmaceousof or like elms
uloidlike a scar
ulosisformation of a scar
ulotrichoushaving woolly hair
ultimoof last month
ultimogenitureinheritance by the last son
ultionrevenge; vengeance
ultracrepidateto criticize beyond sphere of one's knowledge
ultradianof physiological cycles longer than an hour and shorter than a day
ultrafidiangoing beyond faith
ultrageousviolently extreme
ultraismholding extreme opinions on a subject
ultramarinedeep blue
ultramicroscopeinstrument for viewing extremely small objects
ultramontanesouth of the Alps; supporting the Pope
ultroneousspontaneous; voluntary
umbelmass of flowers springing from a single center
umbelliferousbearing umbels
umberbrownish red
umbilicalof, like or pertaining to the navel; related on the mother's side
umbiliciformshaped like a navel
umbocentral knob or boss of a shield
umbraculiformshaped like an umbrella
umbraculumumbrella or umbrella-like structure
umbrageshade; foliage; offence
umbraticshadowy; providing shade
umbratilousshadowy; shaded; indoor; secluded
umbriferousgiving or bearing shade
umbrilvisor on helmet to protect the eyes from light
umbroseshade-giving; dusky
unalistpriest holding one benefice
unaneledwithout extreme unction
unasinousbeing equally stupid
unberufenexclamation to avert ill luck following boasting
unbosomto pour out; to tell freely
uncialof, like or pertaining to an inch or an ounce
unciformshaped like a hook
unconsentaneousnot in agreement
unctionanointing as right of consecration or healing; warmth of address
unctuousslimy; oily; greasy; offensively suave and smug
undecennialhappening every eleven years
undeifyto deprive of the nature of a god
underbreathsubdued voice; rumour
underbridgebridge carrying a road or railway
undercroftcrypt or vault under a church
undernlight midday meal
underwitinferior wit; half-wit
undightto take off; to doff; to undo
undinefemale water spirit
undinismpsychological obsession with urine and urination
undulationismtheory that light consists of waves
uneathdifficult; distressing; hard; scarce
ungualof a claw, hoof, or talon; clawed
unguentaryof, like or pertaining to unguents; one who makes or sells unguents
unguiformshaped like a claw
unguinousoily; fatty
unguligradewalking on hoofs
unhouselednot having received the Eucharist shortly before death
unicityuniqueness; oneness
unifariousarranged in a single row or series
unifilarhaving only one thread or wire
unigeniturestate or fact of being the only begotten
unigenousof the same origin, kind or sort
uniparawoman having given birth only once
uniparousproducing only one offspring at birth
unipotentpowerful in one direction only
unisonousin unison or agreement
universalismbelief in universal salvation
univocalunmistakeable; unequivocal
univocalichaving only one vowel; written passage using only one vowel
univoltinehaving one brood a year
univorousliving on only one host or source of food
unreeveto withdraw a rope from an opening
unseelto unsew the eyes of
unsinewto take the strength from
unstercoratednot manured
untreasureto despoil
unwithdrawingliberal; lavish
upaithricroofless; open to the sky
upaspoisonous or harmful institution or influence
upbuildingdevelopment; edification
upcastupward throw; material thrown up
upherrough pole made of fir and used in scaffolding
upristrising; uprising
upspeakto begin to speak
upstayto sustain
uranicof the palate
uraniferousbearing uranium
uraniscusroof of the mouth
uranismmale homosexuality
uranographydescriptive astronomy and mapping
uranologystudy of the heavens; astronomy
uranomancydivination by studying the heavens
uranomaniaobsession with the idea of divinity
uranometrymeasurement of distances between heavenly bodies
uranophobiafear of heaven
uranoplastyplastic surgery on the hard palate
urbacityexcessive pride in one's city
urbanistexpert in urban planning
urbanologystudy of cities
urbarialfounded on a register of landed property
urbicidedestruction of a city
urbicolousdwelling in cities
urbiculturecultivation or development of urban life
urceiformshaped like a pitcher
urceolateshaped like a pitcher
urceussingle-handled jug or pitcher
urdépointed; having points
urdeeof a heraldic device, pointed or broken into parallel pointed projections
ureuse; custom
uredoburning feeling in the skin
urenologystudy of rust molds
urentburning; stinging
urethroscopeinstrument for viewing the interior of the urethra
ureticof, like or pertaining to urine
urimancydivination by observing urine
uriniferousbearing urine
urinometerinstrument for measuring specific gravity of urine
urkingdomtaxonomic group of organisms larger than a kingdom
urmanswampy pine forest
urogenousproducing or produced in urine
urolithsmall stone in the urinary tract
urologystudy of urine; urinary tract
uropoieticsecreting or excreting urine
uropygiumrump of a bird
urosthenichaving a tail designed for propulsion
ursalfur seal
ursicidekilling or killer of a bear
ursiformhaving the shape or appearance of a bear
ursineof, like or pertaining to bears
urtextearliest version of a text; original unmodified version
urticaceousof, like or pertaining to nettles
urticantstinging; irritating
urticateto sting; to flog with nettles
usageasterself-appointed and conservative language usage expert
usancehabit; custom
ushabtifigurine of deceased person placed in Egyptian tomb
usitativesignifying a usual act
ustionaction of burning or searing
ustulationburning; roasting
usucaptionacquisition of property by long usage and enjoyment
usufructthe right to use and enjoy something
uswardtoward us
utileprofitable; useful
utilitarianismbelief that utility of actions determines moral value
utinamearnest wish or desire
utraquistperson speaking two or both of two languages
utricideone who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
utriclesmall cavity or sac
utriculiformshaped like a small cavity or sac
utriformshaped like a leather bottle or flask
uvalairregular depression in a karst terrain
uvelloidresembling a small cluster of grapes
uvidmoist; wet
uxorialof, like or pertaining to a wife
uxoricidekilling of one's own wife
uxoriousexcessively fond of one's wife

Dictionary [V]

vaccarydairy or cow pasture
vaccimulgencecow milking
vaccineof, like or pertaining to cows; preparation conferring immunity to disease
vacillatefluctuate in opinion or resolution
vadelectservant; serving-man
vade-mecumready reference manual regularly carried about
vadimonybond or pledge given before a judge
vadoseof, like or pertaining to underground water above the water table
vafrouscunning; sly
vagientcrying like a baby
vagilehaving the ability to move about
vagilityability to succeed in the struggle for existence
vaginatesheathed; having a sheath
vagitusbaby's cry or wail
vaingloryidle boastfulness
vairblue-grey squirrel fur; heraldic representation of blue and white rows
valancedrapery hung along the edge of a bed, table or canopy
valencelinen helmet-cover for armour
valenkiwarm Russian felt boots
valetudinarianof, like or pertaining to ill-health; anxious about health
valgusclub-footed; bow-legged
vallatehaving a raised rim or rampart
vallationridge or bank of earth used as fortification
valleculagroove or furrow
vallumrampart; wall of earth thrown up from a ditch
valoriseto set a fixed arbitrary price
valutacomparative value of a currency
vandolastringed lute-like Spanish instrument
vaniloquencevain or foolish talk
vaporimeterinstrument for measuring vapour pressure
vapulateto flog; to be flogged
vapulatoryof, like or pertaining to flogging
varaunit of linear measure of between 33 and 43 inches
varecseaweed; kelp
varicellachicken pox
variegateddiverse and varied; having multi-coloured patches
varietalof, like or pertaining to a variety
varietistunorthodox person
variformof various forms
variometerinstrument for measuring magnetic declination
variorumincluding the notes of earlier scholars or editors
varsoviennepolka-like Polish dance
vascularof, like or pertaining to fluid-carrying vessels
vasculaturearrangement of blood vessels
vasculiformshaped like a small vase or flowerpot
vasculumbotanist's collecting case
vasiferousbearing a vessel or vas
vasiformshaped like a duct or vase
vastateto make immune
vastidityvastness; a vast extent
vaticprophetic; oracular; inspired
vaticidekilling or killer of a prophet
vaticinateprophesy; predict
vauclusianof a spring in which water is expelled by artesian pressure
vavasourfeudal noble who is both a liege and a vassal
vectigalof, like or pertaining to the paying of tribute or rent
vectitationact of carrying or conveying
vedettemounted sentry stationed to watch for enemy
vedutapanoramic view of a town
vegetivorouseating vegetables
veilleuseshaded night-lamp
velamentousof, like or pertaining to or like a membrane or sail
velariumawning over an auditorium
velatehaving a veil; veiled
velationact of veiling; secrecy
veliferousbearing a sail or membrane
velivolantflying with sails
velleitylowest degree of volition; slight wish
vellicateto twitch; to tickle or pinch
velocimanhand-propelled tricycle
velocimeterinstrument for measuring velocity
velociouswith great speed
velocipedeswift-footed; swift-footed person; old-fashioned bicycle
velometerinstrument for measuring speed of air
velourpiled velvety cotton
veloutinevelvety corded wool
velutinousvelvety; having a downy covering
velvetinecotton with silk pile
venalof a type that may be bribed
venaticof, like or pertaining to hunting
venationarrangement of veins on a leaf or an insect's wing
venatorhuntsman; hunter
vendangegrape harvest
vendiblecapable of being sold
vendicateto claim for oneself
venditationoffering for sale
veneficacting by poison or potions or by sorcery
venenciainstrument used to sample sherry from a cask
veneniferouscarrying poison
venepuncturepuncturing of a vein
venereologystudy of venereal disease
venerergamekeeper; hunter
venerypursuit of sexual gratification; hunting; pursuit of game
venesectto open a vein for blood-letting
venialpardonable; excusable
venigenouscontaining veins of metal or quartz
venographyinjecting radioactive material into veins for medical examination
venoseveiny; veined
venousof, like or pertaining to veins
ventagefinger-hole; small hole
ventiductventilating pipe or passage
ventifactstone polished by wind-blown sand
ventoriouscharacterized by venturesomeness
ventosewindy; flatulent; puffed up with conceit
ventralof, like or pertaining to the underside or the belly
ventricumbentlying on one's front or one's belly
ventriductto turn towards the belly
ventripotentwith great capacity or appetite for food
venulesmall vein
veracioustruthful; exact
verbalismundue attention to words alone
verbatimword for word
verberateto beat
verbicidedestroying the meaning of a word
verbidnon-finite part of a verb
verbigerationmorbid and purposeless repetition of certain words
verbileone whose mental processes are stimulated by words
verbomaniacraze for words
verdererofficer in charge of royal forests
verdigrisgreenish copper coating
verduregreenness; health and vigour
verecundmodest; shy
vergerchurch usher and attendant
vergiformshaped like a rod
verglasfilm of ice on rock
veridicalveracious; genuine; truthful
verilytruly; certainly; confidently
verismartistic preference of the everyday to the legendary
verjuicesour juice of unripe fruit
vermeilbright red; scarlet; vermilion
vermeologystudy of worms
vermianlike a worm
vermicidekilling of worms
vermicularof, like or pertaining to worms
vermiformshaped like a worm
vermifugalexpelling worms
vermigerousbearing, containing or infested with worms
vermigradecreeping like a worm
vermilionbright red
vermivorouseating worms
vernalof, like or pertaining to spring
vernalizeto make springlike; to freshen
verniclecloth with image of Christ's face impressed upon it
vernicosebrightly polished or varnished
verriculetuft of hairs or bristles
verruciformshaped like a wart; wartlike
versabilityaptness to be turned around
versalornamental letter at beginning of section
versantgeneral slope of a mountain
versicleshort verse in church service normally followed by response
versicoloureddiversely or changeably coloured
versicularof or in verse
versiformchanging in form
verstunit of distance equal to approximately 2/3 of a mile
versusagainst; in contrast to
versutecrafty; wily
vertthe heraldic colour green
verticitypower of turning
vertiginousof, like or pertaining to vertigo; dizzy; giddy
vervelring for a hawk's jess
vervelledecorated connector between helmet and mail of suit of armour
vesicalof, like or pertaining to the bladder
vesicateto blister
vespacidesubstance or person who kills wasps
vespalof, like or pertaining to wasps
vespersprayer service held in early evening
vespertinalof, like or pertaining to the evening
vespiarywasp's nest
vespineof, like or pertaining to hornets or wasps
vestawax-stemmed match
vestiaryrobing-room; cloakroom; of, like or pertaining to clothes
vestitureclothes; covering; coat
vestrypriest's dressing room
vesturerkeeper of vestments
vesuviansmoker's slow-burning match
vesuviateto erupt; to burst with heat
vetandaforbidden things
vetitivehaving the power to veto
vetturacarriage, cab or car
vexillarystandard-bearer; pertaining to regimental colours or flags
vexillologystudy of flags
viaggiatorytraveling frequently
viameterinstrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
viatectureconstruction of roads and bridges
viaticalof, like or pertaining to roads or travel
viaticummoney or provisions for journey; Eucharist for a dying person
viatortraveller; wayfarer
vibraslapmodern percussion instrument with rod and ball
vibratilecapable of vibratory motion
vibrissatactile bristle such as cat's whisker; bristly hair
vibrographinstrument for recording vibrations
vibrometerinstrument for measuring vibrations
vibronicof or caused by electronic vibration
vicarialof, like or pertaining to a vicar or delegate
vicein place of; rather than
vicegerentacting in place of another; having delegated authority
vicegodhostile appellation applied to the Pope
vicenarybased on the number twenty
vicennialoccurring every twenty years
vicereinewife of a viceroy
vicinageneighbourhood; residents in a neighbourhood
vicinalneighboring; local
victimologystudy of victims
victorialight open two-seated four-wheeled carriage
victuallerone who operates a pub or eatery
vicunafabric made from wool of the vicuna, a small ruminant
videlicetto wit; namely
videndumthing to be seen
videturit seems
vidimusattested copy; inspection of accounts
viduagewidowhood; widows collectively
viduouswidowed; empty
vigesimalbased on the number twenty
vigiadanger warning on a chart
vigorishpercentage of gambler's winnings taken by bookkeeper
vigoroteam sport combining cricket and baseball
vilipendto despise; to make light of; to disparage mockingly
villanellepoem consisting of five tercets and a quatrain
villarof, like or pertaining to a manor or village
villaticrural; of, like or pertaining to a villa
villeggiaturaa stay in the country
villiformof the form or shape of velvet
villussoft velvety hair or fur
vimenlong thin branch or twig
vimineouswith long flexible shoots
vinalof or due to wine
vinciblethat may be overcome
vindemialof, like or pertaining to the vintage
vindemiateto gather grapes or other fruit
vineaticof, like or pertaining to vines
vinewto make or become mouldy
vinewedmouldy; musty
vinificationprocess of fermenting wine
vinolentaddicted to wine
vinologyscientific study of vines and winemaking
vinousdeep red; burgundy
vinouslike wine; pertaining to wine; wine-coloured
violaticflying about
viperiformshaped like a snake or viper
viperineof, like or pertaining to vipers
viperousof, like, or pertaining to vipers; treacherous; venomous
viraginoussuggestive of a loud overbearing woman
viragomanlike or heroic woman
virasonsea breeze
virelayold French poem with refrain and unusual rhyming scheme
virescentbecoming green or greenish; of a greenish colour
virgalcomposed of twigs
virgateold unit of land area usually equal to 30 acres or 1/4 hide
virgaterodlike; twiggy
virguleslanting line; solidus; "/"
viricidekilling of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
viridariumRoman garden
viridianchrome green
viridigenousproducing greenness
viriditygreenness; freshness
virilescencedevelopment of male character in the female
viriliamale reproductive organs
viripotentfit for a husband; marriageable
virologystudy of viruses
virosepoisonous; foul
virucidekilling of viruses
viruliferousbearing or containing a virus
visforce; power
visagistexpert in facial make-up
visardmask or visor
vis-a-vislight carriage with seats facing one another
visceralof the organs of the body
viscidsemi-fluid; sticky; glutinous; viscous
viscometerinstrument for measuring viscosity
visibiliathings that are seen
visileof, like or pertaining to sight; learning easily by sight
visiogenicsuitable for transmission by television
visitadorofficial visitor or inspector
visiveof, like or pertaining to sight; visual; able to see or be seen
visometerinstrument for measuring focal length of the eye
vitalismthe doctrine that there is a vital force behind life
vitativeconcerned with the preservation of life
vitellarybright yellow
vitelligenousproducing yolk
vitellusyolk of an egg
vitiateimpair quality of; make invalid; spoil; make impure
viticetumplantation of vines; vineyard
viticolousliving on vines
vitiferousbearing vines
vitilitigationvexatious wrangling
vitragethin curtain for windows or glazed doors
vitrailstained glass
vitrescenttending to become glass
vitrescibleable to be turned into glass
vitricsglassy materials; glassware; study of glassware
vitrifactionprocess of converting into glass
vitriformof the form or shape of glass
vitrineglass display case
vitrioliccaustic or hostile
vittaband or stripe of colour on an animal or plant
vittatestriped lengthwise
vitularof, like or pertaining to a calf or to calving
vitulineof, like or pertaining to calves or veal
vituperationabuse; rejection
vivandièrefemale camp follower who supplies provisions
vivariumartificial enclosure for keeping live animals
vivatlong live
viverrineof, like or pertaining to civets and mongoose
viverrineof, like or pertaining to the civet
viversfood; eatables
viviparousproducing live young
vivisepulturepractice of burying people alive
vocabularianof, like or pertaining to vocabulary
vocativeindicating calling or personal address
vociculturalof, like or pertaining to voice training
vociferateto cry out with a loud voice; to bawl
voicespondencecorrespondence by means of recorded oral messages
voidedof a heraldic charge, having the inner part cut away
voilesoft fine sheer fabric
voiturierdriver of a carriage or coach
voivodeleader of an army; provincial governor
volaciousapt or fit to fly
volagegiddy; flighty; fickle
volantflying; able to fly; of a heraldic bird, with wings extended
volarof, like or pertaining to the palm or the sole; of, like or pertaining to flight
volationability to fly
volcanologystudy of volcanoes
volensconsenting to a course of action which requires risk
voleryplace for aircraft repair
voletshort veil worn at the back of the head
volitantflying; flitting; fluttering; moving about
volitationflying; flight
volitiveof, like or pertaining to the will
volitiveexpressing desire or permission
volitorialable to fly
volplaneto glide through the air
voltaold leaping dance
voltameterinstrument for measuring electrical current indirectly
voltigeurlightly armed skirmisher
voltinismbreeding rhythm; brood frequency
voltmeterinstrument for measuring electrical potential
volublefluent in speech; too fluent or glib
volucrineof, like or pertaining to birds; bird-like
volumenometerinstrument for measuring volume of a solid
volumeterinstrument for measuring volume of a liquid or gas
voluminalof, like or pertaining to volume or cubic capacity
voluntarismbelief that the will dominates the intellect
voluptuarysensualist; person fond of luxury
voluptysexual pleasure
volutationaction of rolling; turning; wallowing
volutedin spiral form
volutionrevolving movement; convolution; whorl
volvelleinstrument like an astrolabe used by doctors for astrology
vomituritionviolent retching
voraginousof, like or pertaining to a whirlpool; voracious
voragogulf; chasm; abyss
vorpalkeen; deadly
vorticalof, like or pertaining to a vortex; whirling
vorticistpainter who expresses complexity of machinery through art
vorticityamount of vortical motion in a fluid
vortoscopedevice using mirrors to produce abstract photographs
votationaction of voting
votivegiven by vow; consisting of a vow or wish
voussoirwedge-like stone forming part of an arch
vugsmall cavity in a rock
vulcanologystudy of volcanoes
vulgocommonly; popularly
vulgusthe common people; schoolboy Latin composition
vulneraryhealing wounds
vulnerateto wound
vulpecularof, like or pertaining to a young fox
vulpicidekilling of a fox
vulpineof, like or pertaining to foxes; cunning
vulsellaforceps with toothed blades
vulturinerapacious; of, like or pertaining to a vulture
vulvarof, like or pertaining to or resembling the vulva
vulviformshaped like an oval or a vulva

Dictionary [T]

tabacosistobacco poisoning
tabanidblood-sucking insect; gad-fly
tabaretstriped watered silk and satin fabric
tabbyplain-woven silk taffeta fabric
tabefactionwasting away; emaciation
tabellaryauditor; carrier of letters
tabernacleornamental container for storing Communion bread and wine
tabernacularof, like or pertaining to a tabernacle
tabescentwasting; shrivelling
tabificwasting; consumptive; producing tabes
tabinetsilk and wool watered fabric
tablaturemental image or picture; plate-like surface or object
tablierapron; part of dress resembling an apron
tabloideselanguage typical of tabloid journalism
taborlight medieval drum buckled onto the player's chest
tabouretlow stool; embroidery frame
tacendathings not to be mentioned
tacheometerinstrument for rapidly measuring survey points on a map
tachismpainting by smearing or splattering
tachistoscopeinstrument for rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception
tachographinstrument for recording speed of rotation
tachometerinstrument for measuring speed of rotation
tachymetrymeasurement of speed
tachyphrasiaabnormally rapid or voluble speech
tachyscopeearly cinematograph
tactioncontact; touch
tactometerinstrument measuring sense of touch
tactualof, like or pertaining to or derived from the sense of touch
taeniaband; tapeworm; fillet
taeniacidekilling of tapeworms
taeniatelike a ribbon or tapeworm
taenioidof a ribbon-like shape
taffetathin glossy silk
taffrailrail round the stern of a ship
tagmemeanalysis of arrangement of spoken elements
taintin foil used as backing for mirror; thin tin plate
talalgiapain in heel or ankle
talarankle-length robe
talaricof, like or pertaining to or reaching the ankles
taligradewalking on the outer side of the foot
talionicretributive; like for like
talipedone with a club-foot
tallagefeudal tax of a lord on tenants; any tax or toll
talliateto impose a tax
talpamole or similar mark on the body
talusrock detritus or debris at the base of a slope
tamboursloping buttress or fortification
taminthin glazed worsted
tamisthin wool
tampionprotective plug placed in mouth of gun or cannon
tanaclespincer-like instruments of torture
tandemtwo-seated carriage with horses harnessed in series
tangoreceptorsensory receptor responding to touch
tanistrysuccession by previously elected relative
tanquama person fit for college education
tantaluslocked case used to hold wine bottles
tantièmeshare of profits or royalties
tantivyat full gallop; headlong
tapererone who bears a taper during a religious procession
taphephobiafear of being buried alive
taphrogenesisvertical movement of the earth's crust
tapinosisuse of degrading or diminutive diction regarding a topic
tapotementuse of light taps in massage
tarantasfour-wheeled carriage mounted on poles
tarantellafast violent Italian folk dance
tarantismirresistible urge to dance
tarassishysteria suffered by a man
tardiloquousslow in speech
tarlatanthin sheer stiff cotton
tarradiddlelie; falsehood; nonsense; fib
tarrianceact of tarrying or delaying; procrastination
tarrishof the quality or consistency of tar
tartarologybeliefs about hell or the underworld
taseometerinstrument for measuring stress in a structure
tasimeterinstrument for measuring changes in pressure
tasseone of a series of armour plates that go around the hips like a skirt
tastevinwine taster
tatonnementexperimentation; trial and error
tatterdemaliontattered; ragged; scarecrow-like
taureanof, like or pertaining to a bull
tauricidekilling or killer of a bull
tauricornoushaving horns like a bull's
tauriformhaving the form of a bull
taurineof, like or pertaining to bulls
taurinebull-like; of a bull
tautochronouslasting the same amount of time
tautologicalrepetition of an idea implied in a statement
tautomerismpossession of more than one structure by a substance
tautonymtaxonomic name in which genus and species are the same
tautophonyrepetition of the same sound
tawto prepare skins by soaking, salting, stretching and paring
tawsthong used for punishment
taxaceousof, like or pertaining to yew trees
taxemea basic unit of systems of classification
taximeterinstrument for measuring fee for hired vehicle
taxismovement of a whole organism
tazzacup with saucer-shaped bowl on a pedestal
teaselbrush with hooked bits used in napping cloth
technocracygovernment by technical experts
technographydescription of arts and crafts
technolithicof, like or pertaining to stone tools
technomaniacraze for technology
technonomylaws of industrial arts
technophileone who is fond of technology
technophobiafear of technology
technopoleplace where high-technology industries located
tecnologyteaching of children
tectiformshaped like a roof
tectonicof, like or pertaining to building; structural
tectonicsscience of structure of objects, buildings and landforms
tectospherepart of the earth that moves during plate tectonic activity
tectrixsmall feather of a bird's wing
tedto spread grass for drying
tediferousbearing a torch
teeninjury; grief
tega sheep in its second year; the fleece of such a sheep
tegestologystudy and collecting of beer mats
tegmencovering or shell
tegmentalof, like or pertaining to coverings or outer shells
tegminalcovering; protecting
tegularof, like or overlapping like tiles or slates
tegulatedcomposed of plates overlapping like tiles
tegumentnatural covering of an animal or plant body
teichopsiavisual blurring and colours associated with migraines
teichoscopyobservation from the perspective of a wall
teinoscopeprism telescope
teknonymythe naming of the parent from the child
telaesthesiaperception of events or objects not actually present or near
telamona column carved in the shape of a human male
telariancreature that spins a web
telautographtelegraph that reproduces writing done with a pen or pencil
telegafour-wheeled springless wagon
telegnosisknowledge of events taking place far away; clairvoyance
telegonyinfluence of previous mate on offspring of current one
telematicstransmission of computerized data over long distances
telemeterinstrument for measuring strain or distance from observer
telenergyapplication of spirit energy at a distance
teleologystudy of final causes; analysis in terms of purpose
teleonomycharacteristic of being governed by an overall purpose
telergyphysical force at work in telepathy
teleseismtremor due to a very distant earthquake
telesismaking use of natural or social processes for a goal
telespectroscopeinstrument for analysing radiation omitted by distant bodies
telestereoscopeinstrument for viewing distant objects stereoscopically
telesthesiaabnormal impression of objects beyond the senses
telesticof, like or pertaining to the mysteries
telestichpoem where final letters of each line spell a word
teletactorinstrument that allows deaf people to feel sound vibrations
telicexpressing purpose; purposive; signifying intention
tellographsignalling apparatus like a semaphore system
telluralof, like or pertaining to the earth
tellurometerinstrument using microwaves to measure distance
telmatologystudy of swamps
telodynamicof, like or pertaining to transmission of power to a distance
telosaim; purpose; ultimate end
teloteropathytelepathy between living persons
telpheragesystem of cargo conveyance using electric motor and cable
telsonlast segment of a crustacean
temenosplace dedicated to a god; sacred precinct
temerariousrashly or presumptuously daring
temperapainting using white of egg instead of oil
temperativehaving a moderating influence
tempestivetimely; seasonable
temporalindicating time when
temporaneouslasting only a short while
temporein the time of
temporiseto delay; to procrastinate
tenailleoutwork in main ditch of a fortification
tendentiousdesigned to advance a cause
tenderometerinstrument for measuring tenderness of fruits and vegetables
tenebrificproducing darkness
tenebrosedark; gloomy
tenendumclause in a deed defining land tenure
tenneheraldic designation for orange-brown colour
tenonprojecting part of joint for inserting into mortise
tensimeterinstrument for measuring vapour pressure
tensiometerinstrument for measuring tension
tentamenexperiment; attempt
tentationexperiment by trial and error
tentigopriapism; morbid lasciviousness
tenuebearing; carriage; manner of dress
tepefactionmaking or becoming tepid
tephraash and debris ejected by volcano
tephrochronologydating of volcanic eruptions by studying layers of ash
tephromancydivination by ashes
teporstate of being tepid or lukewarm
teramorphousof abnormal or monstrous form
teratismmonster, malformed person or animal
teratogenicproducing monsters or abnormal growth
teratologystudy of monsters, freaks, abnormal growths or malformations
terceprayer service held at 9 a.m.
tercelmale hawk
tercetgroup of three rhyming lines
terdiurnalthree times per day
terebrateto bore into; to pierce
teretesmooth and cylindrical or tapering
tergalof, like or pertaining to the back
termagantan overbearing or nagging woman
terminativeindicating motion up to or time until
terminismdoctrine that there is a time limit for repentance
ternaryin threes; having three components; having three as a base
terotechnologyuse of various skills to extend life of equipment
terpsichoreanof, like or pertaining to dancing
terramarakind of earthy fertiliser
terraneousof, like or pertaining to the earth
terraqueousamphibious; consisting of land and water
terrazzoflooring of chips of marble
terrellamagnetic model of the earth
terreneof the earth; earthly; worldly; mundane
terrepleintop of a rampart where guns are mounted
terretswivel-ring; ring for fastening chain to
terricolousliving in or on the soil
terrierregister or roll of rents from an estate
terrigenousproduced on land; produced by the land
terriginousearth-born; derived from the land
terrineearthenware jar or dish
terrypiled fabric consisting of uncut loops
tersivecleansing; detersive
terzainstanza of three lines
teslaunit of magnetic flux density equal to one weber per square meter
tessaraglotspeaking four languages
tessellateto form into or adorn with mosaic
tessellationfitting together exactly; leaving no spaces
tesserasmall token or ticket; block of stone used in mosaic; password
tesseractfigure of a cube within a cube
tesserarianof, like or pertaining to dice games
tesseratomydivision into four parts
testaceousof or having a hard shell; brick-red
testamurcertificate of having passed an examination
testerpiece of armour for the head; headgear for a horse
testercanopy over a bed, pulpit or altar
testicondhaving the testes concealed within the body
testudinalof, like or pertaining to tortoises or tortoise-shell
testudowheeled shelter used for protection from above attacks
tetanigenouscausing tetanus
tetrachotomousdivided into fours
tetrachromaticconcerning theory that there are four primary colours
tetradarchygovernment by four people; tetrarchy
tetragrammatonsacred word or acronym of four letters
tetrakishexahedroncube with pyramid erected on each face
tetralemmaquandary with four alternatives
tetrameroushaving four parts
tetramorphartistic representation of the four evangelists in one figure
tetrapolisgroup of four cities
tetrapteranhaving four wings
tetraptychhinged painting in four parts
tetrarchygovernment by four people
teuthologystudy of cephalopods
Teutomaniaobsession with Teutonic or German things
tewela chimney; the rectum or anus of a horse
textologystudy of the production of texts
textorialof, like or pertaining to weaving
textrineof, like or pertaining to weaving
textuarya person having extensive biblical knowledge
thalassianmarine; type of sea turtle
thalassiarchysovereignty of the seas; thalassocracy
thalassicmarine; of seas; of inland seas
thalassocracysovereignty of the seas
thalassographyscience of the sea
thalassometerinstrument for measuring tides
thalassophilousliving in or fond of the sea
thalassophobiafear of the sea
thalassotherapymedical treatment using baths in sea water
thalerophagousfeeding on fresh vegetable matter
thalposissensation of warmth
thalwegmiddle of navigable waterway used as boundary line
thanatismbelief that the soul dies with the body
thanatognomonicindicating or characteristic of death
thanatographynarrative of a death
thanatoidapparently dead; deathly; deadly
thanatologystudy of death and its customs
thanatomaniabelief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness
thanatophobiafear of death
thanatopsisview of or reflection upon death
thanatosisgangrene; necrosis; state imitating death
thanatousiafuneral rites
thaumatogenydoctrine of the miraculous origin of life
thaumatographydescription of natural wonders
thaumatolatryworship of miracles or wonders
thaumatologystudy of miracles
thaumatropegadged showing persistence of visual impressions using spinning disk
thaumaturgyperforming of miracles
theandricdivine and human at the same time
theanthropicsimultaneously human and divine
theanthroposophysystem of belief concerning Christ as god and man
thearchyrule by a god or gods; body of divine rulers
theatrocracygoverment by gathered assemblies of citizens
theatromaniacraze for going to plays
thecasheath; capsule
thecatehaving a sheath
thegosistooth-grinding in order to sharpen teeth
theiformof the form of tea
theismbelief in the existence of God without special revelation
thelematicof, like or pertaining to will or volition; voluntary
thelemicallowing people to do as they wish
thelitisinflammation of the nipple
thelytokyparthenogenetic production of females only
theocentrismbelief that God is central fact of existence
theocracygovernment by priests or by religious law
theocrasymixture of religions; fitting other religions into own
theodicydefense of goodness in view of the existence of evil
theodidactstudent of God; one who is taught by God
theodolitesurveying instrument for measuring angles
theodyhymn in praise of God
theogamymarriage of gods
theogonicaccounting for the origin or presence of gods
theolepsyseizure or possession by a god
theologasterpetty or shallow theologian
theologoumenontheological statement as opposed to divine one
theomachywar amongst or against the gods
theomancydivination by means of oracles
theomaniabelief that one is a god
theomastixpunisher of mortals sent by God; such a punishment
theometrymeasurement or estimation of God
theomicristone who belittles God
theonomygovernment or rule by God
theopantismbelief that God is the only reality
theopathyemotional experience brought on by religious belief
theophagysacramental consumption of a god
theophanymanifestation or appearance of a god to people
theophilanthropismlove of both God and humanity
theophileone who loves or is loved by God
theophobiafear of God
theophoroushaving the name of a god; derived from a god's name
theopneusticdivinely inspired
theopsychismbelief that the soul is of a divine nature
theorbodouble-necked lute
theosophyimmediate divine illumination or wisdom
theotechnyuse of the gods as primary moving force in a poem or play
theotherapyfaith healing
theotokostitle given to the Virgin Mary as bearer of God
therbligunit of work for quantifying industrial operations
thereintointo that or it
thereoidbestial; savage
therewiththereupon; forthwith
theriacantidote to venomous bites
theriacalof, like or pertaining to antidotes
therianthropiccombining human and animal forms
theriatricsveterinary medicine
theriogenologystudy of animals' reproductive systems
theriomorphanimal form in art
theriomorphosistransformation into a beast
thermunit of quantity of heat equal to 100,000 British thermal units
thermaesthesiasensitivity to heat or cold
thermantidoteapparatus for cooling air
thermicof, like or pertaining to heat
thermogenesisproduction of heat
thermographinstrument for recording changes in temperature
thermokinematicsstudy of motion of heat
thermolabileeasily decomposed by heat
thermologystudy of heat
thermolysisdecomposition caused by heat
thermometrographinstrument for recording changes in temperature
thermonousof, like or pertaining to stimulation by heat
thermophilouspreferring or thriving in high temperatures
thermopileinstrument measuring minute changes in temperature
thermoscopeinstrument indicating change in temperature
thermotaxismovement influenced or controlled by heat
thermotropismgrowth of organism influenced by heat
theroidof, like or pertaining to a beast or wild animal
therologystudy of wild mammals
thersiticalscurrilous; violent in manner of speech
thesialof, like or pertaining to a thesis
theticpositively asserting; bearing the thesis; prescribed
theurgymagic or miracles by the agency of good spirits
thewepillory for women that keeps the legs together
thiasusgroup of worshippers gathered to dance in praise of gods
thigmotaxismovement of plant towards or away from an object
thigmotropismturning of an object in response to touch
thionicof, like or pertaining to or containing sulphur
thirdboroughpetty constable of a township
thirdendealold liquid measure of three pints; one-third of anything
thitherto that place
thixotropytemporary reduction in viscosity when shaken or stirred
thlipsisconstriction; compression
thnetopsychismbelief that the soul dies with the body, to be reborn on day of judgement
tholeto endure; to suffer
tholepin in the side of a boat to keep oar in place
tholobatecircular substructure on which a dome rests
tholoiddome-shaped lava extrusion plugging the vent of a volcano
tholusround building; dome; cupola
thooidlike a wolf
thoracoscopeinstrument for viewing the thorax and chest wall
thoughtographysupposed technique for transferring mental images onto photographs
thrasonicboastful; bragging
thremmatologyscience of breeding domestic animals and plants
threnodyode or song of lamentation; lament; dirge
threpsologyscience of nutrition
threpticof, like or pertaining to the rearing of young
thriobolydivination using pebbles
throat-pitdepression between collarbones where they meet the breastbone
thrombusblood clot
thronalof, like or pertaining to a throne
thropplethroat or windpipe of an animal
throstlemachine for drawing, twisting and winding fibres
throttlebottomharmless incompetent holding public office
thrumloose thread or fringe of a garment or cloth
thumomancydivination by means of one's own soul
thuriferaltar boy who bears censer
thurlcow's hip-joint
thymiatechnyuse of perfumes for medicinal purposes
thymiaterionancient Greek censer
thymogenicdue to emotion
thymolepticpsychologically energizing
thymopathymental disorder
thyrsusstaff wreathed with ivy
tiarathree-tiered crown worn by or carried in front of the pope
tibicinateto play on a pipe
tichorrhinewoolly rhinoceros
tickcover of a mattress or pillow
tickingstrong linen or cotton fabric used for mattress and pillow cases
tidologystudy of tides
tiffanytransparent silk-like gauzy fabric
tigrineof, like or pertaining to tigers
tilburylight open two-wheeled carriage
tillerhandle or lever for turning a ship's rudder
tilleulpale yellowish-green
tilthagricultural work
tiltmeterinstrument for measuring tilting of earth's surface
timarchygovernment by the propertied class; timocracy
timbalkettle drum
timberheadtop end of ship's timber used above the gunwale
timbrologystudy of postage stamps
timbromaniacraze for stamp collecting
timbrophilylove or fondness for stamps; stamp-collecting
timbrousresonant; sonorous
timenoguyrope stretched from place to place in a ship
timeousin good time; seasonable
timocracygovernment by the propertied class
timwhiskylight carriage for one or two people, pulled by one or two horses
tinchelcircle of men who encircle a deer
tinctionact of dyeing
tinctorialof, like or pertaining to dyeing; giving colour
tinctumutationchange of colour
tincturea heraldic colour or metal
tingentadding colour; having the ability to tinge
tinnientringing; resonant
tinnitusringing sound in the head
tintinnabulateto ring; to tinkle
tintinnabulumpercussion instrument of many bells in succession
tippetlong black scarf worn by Anglican clergy
tiqueurone who suffers from tics
tirailleurskirmisher; sharpshooter
tirassepedal-coupler in an organ
tiretainewool cloth mixed with cotton or linen
tirorecruit; novice; beginner
tirociniumearly training; first experience; group of recruits
tiromancydivination using cheese
tisaneinfusion of herbs or flowers
tisickywheezy; asthmatic
titaniferousbearing titanium
titanismspirit of revolt or defiance against social conventions
titanomachywar of the Titans against the gods
titianred-gold or reddish-brown
titivatedress up; spruce up
titrimetrymeasuring by titration
tittupto prance mincingly; to walk in an affected manner
titubateto stagger; to stumble
titulusinscription on or over something
tmemasegment or section
tmesisseparation of word into parts by an intervening word
toadstonestone thought to grow inside a toad and have magic powers
tobaccophileone who loves tobacco
tocodynamometerinstrument for measuring uterine contractions during childbirth
tocologyobstetrics; midwifery
tocophobiafear of pregnancy or childbirth
tocsinalarm bell; sounding of an alarm bell
todold unit of weight of wool equal to 28 pounds
tofta small hill
togunit of measurement for insulation properties of fabric
togatedwearing a toga; dignified
toileplain or simple twilled fabric
toisonlamb's wool
tolerationismdoctrine of toleration of religious differences
tolsesterduty of ale due to one's lord for the privilege of brewing
tolutationact of pacing or ambling
tolypeutineof, like or pertaining to armadillos
tomanmyriad; ten thousand
tombaccheap gold-coloured alloy of zinc and copper
tombicholding that the Egyptian pyramids were intended as tombs
tombolalottery in which each entrant must win a prize
tomentosebearing thickly matted hair or fur
tomiparousof organic matter, multiplying by division
tomiumcutting edge of a bird's bill
tomographinstrument for viewing section of an object using X-rays
tomographyscan to obtain detailed image of solid structure
tomomaniairrational predilection for performing surgery
tonunit of cooling power equal to 12,000 BTU per hour
tondocircular painting or relief carving
toneticof, like or pertaining to tonal pronunciation or languages
toneticsstudy of pronunciation
tongalight two-wheeled carriage
tonishmodish; fashionable
tonitrophobiafear of thunder
tonitruonemusical instrument that imitates sound of thunder
tonletset of overlapping strips on armour skirt
tonneaurear extension of body of car
tonometerinstrument measuring pitch of musical tones
tonsorialof, like or pertaining to a barber or a barber's work
tonsureshaving of small area on the crown of head of a priest or monk
tontineannuity scheme where benefits increase as members die
tonusnormal elasticity of healthy muscle at rest
topaesthesiadetermining place by sense of touch
toparchruler of a district
topazdark yellow
topgallantmast or sail above the topmast and below the royal mast
topiaryclipping of trees into imitative or fantastic shapes
toploftyhigh and mighty; haughty
topmastship's mast above the lower mast
topologystudy of places and their natural features
topomancydivination using landforms
toponomasticof, like or pertaining to place names
toponymplace name derived from geographical feature
toponymicsstudy of place-names
topophiliagreat love or affection for a particular place
topophobiastage fright; fear of performing; fear of certain places
topophoneinstrument to determine direction and distance of a fog-horn
topotypespecimen collected in the same locality as an original
topsailship's sail above the lowermost sail
toranarched gateway or garland of flowers
torchierfloor lamp with bowl for reflecting light upwards
torchonduster or dishcloth; coarse lace or paper
torculawine press
tordionRenaissance dance similar to but slower than a galliard
toresurface described by rotation of conic section about a line
toreumatographydescription of ancient metal sculpture
toreuticsstudy of artistic work in metal
toreuticsartistic work in metal by chasing and embossing
torfaceousgrowing in mosses or bogs
tormentumancient siege engine
tornotehaving blunt extremities
toroidshaped like a doughnut or anchor-ring
toroseswelling; bulging; knobby; muscular
torpedinousnumbing; having the quality of a torpedo
torpefyto make numb or torpid; to paralyze
torpescencebecoming numb or torpid
torpidnumb; lethargic; having lost the power to act
torpillageelectric shock therapy
torpornumbness; inactivity; dullness
torporificcausing dullness or numbness
torquatedwearing a collar or chain; formed like a torque
torrunit of pressure equal to 1/760 of standard atmospheric pressure
torrefyto scorch or parch; to dry or roast with heat
torrentineof, like or pertaining to a torrent; having the character of a torrent
torsadeornament on a hat like a twisted cord; any twisted cord
torselplate in a brick wall to support the end of a beam
torsibilitycapability of being twisted
torsiographinstrument for recording torsional vibrations on an object
torsivetwisted spirally
torticollisstiff neck
tortilewreathed; twisted; coiled
tortiouscommitting a wrongful deed
torulosewith small swellings at intervals
torusrounded swelling; lowest moulding of a column
torvitygrimness; fierceness
tosticatedfuddled; perplexed
totbone or other object retrieved from garbage pile
totemismbelief that a group has a special kinship with an object or animal
totherthe other
totientnumber of numbers less than and prime to a given number
totipotentcapable of differentiation
totitivenumber less than and prime to another
tourbillonswirl; vortex; whirlwind
tournurecontour; characteristic turn of line; grace or poise
towbundle of untwisted natural fibres
toxicogenicproducing or produced by poisons
toxicomaniamorbid craving for poisons
toxicophagouseating poison
toxicophobiafear of poisoning
toxiferousproducing or bearing poison
toxiphobiafear of poison or being poisoned
toxophilitelover of archery; an archer; of, like or pertaining to archery
toxophilylove of archery; archery; study of archery
tozeto tease out; card; comb; draw out; elicit
trabeatebuilt of horizontal beams rather than arches
trabeculasmall bar or rod
trabeculatedtransversely barred
trachelatehaving a neck
trachyphoniaroughness of voice
tractatetreatise; tract
tractileductile; able to be drawn out
traduceto defame; to slander
tragedianwriter or actor of tragedy
tragelaphmythical crossbreed of a goat and stag
tragomaschaliasmelly armpits
tragusprominent bump in front of opening of the ear
trahisontreachery; treason
trajectcrossing; ferry; transference
tralatitioustraditional; transmitted; handed on; metaphorical
tralineateto deviate
trambleto wash tin-ore by agitation in a trough
trammeldevice used to hold pots and pans over a fire
trammelnet used to catch fish or birds
trammelto hamper or restrain
trammeltool used for drawing ellipses
tramontanebeyond the mountains; foreign; uncivilized
tranationact of swimming over or across
tranceycreating a trance-like effect; hypnotic
trancheslice or block of money or shares
tranchetNeolithic flint chisel
trangamshowy or worthless article
transcalentpervious to or allowing the passage of heat
transcendentalismtheory that emphasizes that which transcends perception
transennascreen enclosing a shrine
transeptpart of a church off to one side of main structure
transfluentflowing across
transhipto transfer from one ship to another
transhumantpassing from winter to summer pastures
transilientleaping or passing across
transireship's customs warrant for clearing goods
translativeindicating process of change or movement through
translunarybeyond the moon; spiritual
transmarineacross or beyond the sea
transmigrationismbelief that soul passes into other body at death
transmissometerinstrument for measuring transmission of light through a fluid
transomtransverse timbers attached to ship's sternpost
transomstructure dividing a window horizontally; horizontal bar
transpicuoustransparent; easily seen through or understood
transpontinefrom the other side of the river; melodramatic
transubstantiationmiraculous changing of bread and wine into body and blood of Christ
transudeto ooze out; to exude through the pores
transumptiontranscription; transference; translation
transuranicdenoting heavy radioactive artificial chemical elements
transverberateto pierce
transvolationflying higher than normal
traplight one-horse carriage with springs
trapeziumquadrilateral having only one pair of parallel sides
trapuntokind of quilting in which only the design is padded
traumatologystudy of wounds and their effects
traumatropismalteration in direction of growth of a plant due to a wound
trautoniumelectronic musical instrument like a theramin
travecrossbeam or space between crossbeams
travelatormoving footpath for pedestrians
treacledark; syrupy molasses
trebuchetmedieval siege engine for launching stones
trechometerinstrument for determining distance travelled; odometer
treenaillong wooden pin used to fix planks of ship to the timbers
trefoilthree-lobed architectural ornament
tregetourjuggler; trickster; deceiver
treillagetrellis-work; a trellis
trellisstructure of cross-barred or lattice-work
tremaan orifice; a dieresis
tremendumfeeling of overwhelming awe associated with religious experience
tremissislate Roman and early Byzantine gold coin
tremogramirregularity in a person's handwriting
tremographinstrument for recording involuntary muscular motion
tremolistone who employs tremolo
tremolovibrating effect of certain musical instruments or the singing voice
tremuloustrembling; quivering
trenchantincisive; terse; vigorous
trencheredible plate and platter made of bread
trendleflat rounded baker's vessel
trentalcommemoratory service held thirty days after burial
trepanobsolete instrument for cutting open the skull
trepanationcutting open the skull
tresaylegreat-great grandfather
tressilateto quiver
tressurenarrow band around a heraldic shield
trewsclose-fitting trousers with tartan pattern
triageselection for patients most likely to survive
trialismdoctrine that humans have three separate essences (body, soul, spirit)
triarchygovernment by three people
triaticrope joining adjacent mastheads
tribadefemale homosexual; lesbian
tribadismlesbian intercourse in the missionary position
tribblehorizontal frame with wires for drying paper
tribologystudy of friction and wear between surfaces
triboluminescenceemission of light caused by friction
tribometerinstrument measuring friction
tribuloidyielding prickly fruit
tribunitialof, like or pertaining to a tribune
tributorianof, like or pertaining to tribute or payment
triceto haul in and lash secure a sail with a small rope
tricephaloushaving three heads
trichoclasisbrittleness of hair
trichogenousproducing hair
trichoichaving or exhibiting three colours
trichologystudy of hair and its disorders
trichoschisissplitting of hair
trichosisarrangement, distribution or disorder of hair
trichotillomanianeurosis where patient pulls out own hair
trichotomydivision into three parts or categories
tricoastercombination of three-speed gear and coaster brake on a cycle
tricolettesilk or rayon knitted fabric
tricornthree-horned; three-cornered
tricotplain knitted silk or woollen fabric
tricoteelively old dance
tricotinedouble-twilled worsted fabric
tridominiumthreefold rule
triduanlasting three days
triduumperiod of three days of prayer preceding Roman Catholic feasts
trierarchyobligation of fitting out ships
trietericoccurring in alternate years
trifariousfacing three ways
triforiumgallery or arcade over an aisle; gallery over nave and choir
trifurcateto divide into three forks
trigstone placed under a wheel to keep it from rolling
trigamystate of being married to three spouses
triglypharchitectural ornament of tablet bearing two V-shaped channels
trigonalhaving three angles
trigonometerinstrument for solving triangles
trigraphcombination of three letters for one sound
trihoralhappening every three hours
trilaminarhaving three layers
trilemmaquandary having three choices
trilithstone monument of two upright and one transverse slab
trimacularhaving three spots or marks
trimeroushaving the parts in threes
trindlethin piece of wood which holds book spine while trimmed
tringoidof, like or pertaining to sandpipers
trinoctiallasting three nights
trionymname consisting of three words
triphibioustaking place on land, in water and in air
triphthongthree vowel sounds pronounced as one
triplopiatriple vision
trippetpart of machine which strikes another part regularly
tripsispulverization; shampooing; massage
triptoteused in three cases only
triptychhinged painting with three panels
tripudiateto dance for joy; to exult; to stamp
triquetratriangular-shaped object
triremeancient ship with three banks of oars
triskaidekaphobiafear of the number thirteen
triskelionfigure of three radiating curves or legs
tristichoushaving or in three rows
tristiloquymournful manner of speech
trisulcatehaving three ridges or forks
tritanopiainability to distinguish the colour blue
tritarchygovernment by three people; triarchy
tritaviafour-greats grandmother
tritavusfour-greats grandfather
tritheismbelief that the members of the Trinity are separate gods
tritheocracygovernment by three gods
triticaltrite; common
triticismtrite remark
triturateto rub or grind into a fine powder
triumphalismbelief in the superiority of one particular religious creed
triunetrinity; three in one
trivettripod for a pot; metal plate to raise food from heat
trivirgatehaving three linear marks
troatto bellow like a roaring buck
trochalwheel-like; circular
trocheameterinstrument counting wheel's revolutions
trochiferousbearing a wheel or wheel-like organ
trochiformshaped like a spinning-top
trochilicof, like or pertaining to rotatory motion
trochilidineof, like or pertaining to hummingbirds
trochilineof, like or pertaining to hummingbirds
trochiscusmedicated tablet or lozenge
trochlearlike a pulley
trochoidcurve traced by a fixed point in plane of a circle
trochomancydivination by studying wheel tracks
troglodytineof, like or pertaining to wrens
troikacarriage drawn by three horses
troilismsexual activity between three people
trommelrevolving sieve for cleaning or sizing minerals
tromometerinstrument for measuring slight earthquake shocks
tronccollection of gratuities to be divided out later
trophallaxismutual exchange of nutriment in symbiosis
trophobiosisexchange of nutriment in symbiotic relationship
trophologystudy of nutrition
trophotropismdirection of growth by nutritional factors
tropiclike a keel
tropisma tendency to react to stimuli in a specific manner
tropologicalcharacterized by tropes or figures of speech
tropologyfigurative language; moral interpretation of the Bible
tropometerinstrument measuring rotation
tropophilousflourishing in seasonal extremes of climate
tropophyteplant adapted to alterations of moisture and drought
trousseauclothes collected by a bride for her marriage
trouvaillea fortunate find
troverlegal action brought to recover goods from wrongful owner
trucagefaking of works of art
truckleto submit; to cringe
truculentbelligerent; cruel; pugnacious; defiant; aggressive
trullizationact of plastering with a trowel
trumeaupiece of wall or pillar between two openings
truncheonbroken spear; broken or cut piece
trunniona pin or pivot on which something can be rotated
trutinateto weigh using a balance; to evaluate mentally
truttaceousof, like or pertaining to trout
trymanut-like fruit
trypanocidekilling of trypanosomes
trysailship's sail bent to a gaff and hoisted on a lower mast
tsiganologystudy of gypsies
tsiologytreatise on tea
tuantof writing, keen or trenchant
tuberiferousbearing tubers
tuberiformshaped like a lump or protuberance
tuberoushaving tubers; knobbed
tubicinateto blow a trumpet
tubicolousinhabiting a tube
tubifacientconstructing a tube
tubiformshaped like a tube
tubulateto form into a tube; to provide with a tube
tubuluretubular opening
tuckpart of ship where ends of lower planks meet under the stern
tucketflourish on a trumpet
tufarock made of fine volcanic detritus
tuillearmour plate hanging below the tasses
tuismtheory that individuals have a second or other self
tuismapostrophe; reference to or regard to a second person
tuitivegiving instruction; acquired by instruction
tulchancalf's skin set beside a cow to make her give milk freely
tulipomaniaobsession with tulips
tullesheer and delicate thin silk
tumbrelold instrument of punishment like a pillory
tumefacientcausing swelling
tumefyto swell
tumescenttending to swell
tumidinflated; falsely sublime; bombastic
tumorigenicproducing tumours
tumularconsisting of a mound or tumulus
tumultuarychaotic; haphazard
tumulusbarrow-mound; mound of earth over a grave
tundto beat; to thump
tunicatecovered with layers
tunicleshort ecclesiastical vestment worn by bishop or subdeacon
tupram; pile-driver; striking face of steam hammer or jackhammer
turbaryright to take peat from another's ground
turbidimeterinstrument for measuring turbidity of liquids
turbinateshaped like a top or inverted cone
turdiformlike a thrush
turdineof, like or pertaining to thrushes
turdineof, like or pertaining to thrushes
turgescenceact or process of swelling; swollenness
turgidswollen; inflated
turgometerinstrument for measuring turgidity
turncockvalve for regulating water flow
turneryart of turning in a lathe
turnspitperson who turns a roasting spit
turnvereinathletic club
turophilecheese lover
turricalof, like or pertaining to a tower or turret; like a turret
turriferousbearing towers
turriformshaped like a tower
turtlebackstructure over ship's bows or stern
tussahbrownish silk fabric
tussicularof, like or pertaining to coughs
tussocka compact tuft of grass or sedge
tutelaryhaving the guardianship of a thing
tutiorismdoctrine that one should take the safer moral course
tutulusconical Roman headdress
tweeaffectedly dainty; sentimentally sweet
twingleto wriggle; to twist
twinkto blink; to twinkle
twintertwo-year-old domestic animal
twireto peep; to leer
twizzleto swirl; to spin
two-stepballroom dance with two main steps
twyernozzle for a blast of air
tychismtheory that accepts role of pure chance
tyeinclined trough for washing ore
tympaniformdrum-like; shaped like a drum
tympanumspace within an arch; arched recess at entrance of cathedral
tympanyswelling with pride or with pregnancy
typhlographinstrument to help the blind write clearly
typhlologystudy of blindness and the blind
typhlophileone who is kind to the blind
typhogeniccausing fever
typhomaniadelirious state resulting from typhus fever
typhonichaving the character of a whirlwind or tornado
typographiamatter pertaining to printing or printers
typographyart of printing or using type
typologystudy of types of things
typomaniacraze for printing one's lucubrations
typothetaemaster printers collectively
typtologytheory concerning rappings by spirits or ghosts
tyrannicidekilling or killer of a tyrant
tyroidresembling cheese; cheesy
tyromacheese-like matter
tyromancydivination using cheese