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Dictionary [V]


vaccarydairy or cow pasture
vaccimulgencecow milking
vaccineof, like or pertaining to cows; preparation conferring immunity to disease
vacillatefluctuate in opinion or resolution
vadelectservant; serving-man
vade-mecumready reference manual regularly carried about
vadimonybond or pledge given before a judge
vadoseof, like or pertaining to underground water above the water table
vafrouscunning; sly
vagientcrying like a baby
vagilehaving the ability to move about
vagilityability to succeed in the struggle for existence
vaginatesheathed; having a sheath
vagitusbaby's cry or wail
vaingloryidle boastfulness
vairblue-grey squirrel fur; heraldic representation of blue and white rows
valancedrapery hung along the edge of a bed, table or canopy
valencelinen helmet-cover for armour
valenkiwarm Russian felt boots
valetudinarianof, like or pertaining to ill-health; anxious about health
valgusclub-footed; bow-legged
vallatehaving a raised rim or rampart
vallationridge or bank of earth used as fortification
valleculagroove or furrow
vallumrampart; wall of earth thrown up from a ditch
valoriseto set a fixed arbitrary price
valutacomparative value of a currency
vandolastringed lute-like Spanish instrument
vaniloquencevain or foolish talk
vaporimeterinstrument for measuring vapour pressure
vapulateto flog; to be flogged
vapulatoryof, like or pertaining to flogging
varaunit of linear measure of between 33 and 43 inches
varecseaweed; kelp
varicellachicken pox
variegateddiverse and varied; having multi-coloured patches
varietalof, like or pertaining to a variety
varietistunorthodox person
variformof various forms
variometerinstrument for measuring magnetic declination
variorumincluding the notes of earlier scholars or editors
varsoviennepolka-like Polish dance
vascularof, like or pertaining to fluid-carrying vessels
vasculaturearrangement of blood vessels
vasculiformshaped like a small vase or flowerpot
vasculumbotanist's collecting case
vasiferousbearing a vessel or vas
vasiformshaped like a duct or vase
vastateto make immune
vastidityvastness; a vast extent
vaticprophetic; oracular; inspired
vaticidekilling or killer of a prophet
vaticinateprophesy; predict
vauclusianof a spring in which water is expelled by artesian pressure
vavasourfeudal noble who is both a liege and a vassal
vectigalof, like or pertaining to the paying of tribute or rent
vectitationact of carrying or conveying
vedettemounted sentry stationed to watch for enemy
vedutapanoramic view of a town
vegetivorouseating vegetables
veilleuseshaded night-lamp
velamentousof, like or pertaining to or like a membrane or sail
velariumawning over an auditorium
velatehaving a veil; veiled
velationact of veiling; secrecy
veliferousbearing a sail or membrane
velivolantflying with sails
velleitylowest degree of volition; slight wish
vellicateto twitch; to tickle or pinch
velocimanhand-propelled tricycle
velocimeterinstrument for measuring velocity
velociouswith great speed
velocipedeswift-footed; swift-footed person; old-fashioned bicycle
velometerinstrument for measuring speed of air
velourpiled velvety cotton
veloutinevelvety corded wool
velutinousvelvety; having a downy covering
velvetinecotton with silk pile
venalof a type that may be bribed
venaticof, like or pertaining to hunting
venationarrangement of veins on a leaf or an insect's wing
venatorhuntsman; hunter
vendangegrape harvest
vendiblecapable of being sold
vendicateto claim for oneself
venditationoffering for sale
veneficacting by poison or potions or by sorcery
venenciainstrument used to sample sherry from a cask
veneniferouscarrying poison
venepuncturepuncturing of a vein
venereologystudy of venereal disease
venerergamekeeper; hunter
venerypursuit of sexual gratification; hunting; pursuit of game
venesectto open a vein for blood-letting
venialpardonable; excusable
venigenouscontaining veins of metal or quartz
venographyinjecting radioactive material into veins for medical examination
venoseveiny; veined
venousof, like or pertaining to veins
ventagefinger-hole; small hole
ventiductventilating pipe or passage
ventifactstone polished by wind-blown sand
ventoriouscharacterized by venturesomeness
ventosewindy; flatulent; puffed up with conceit
ventralof, like or pertaining to the underside or the belly
ventricumbentlying on one's front or one's belly
ventriductto turn towards the belly
ventripotentwith great capacity or appetite for food
venulesmall vein
veracioustruthful; exact
verbalismundue attention to words alone
verbatimword for word
verberateto beat
verbicidedestroying the meaning of a word
verbidnon-finite part of a verb
verbigerationmorbid and purposeless repetition of certain words
verbileone whose mental processes are stimulated by words
verbomaniacraze for words
verdererofficer in charge of royal forests
verdigrisgreenish copper coating
verduregreenness; health and vigour
verecundmodest; shy
vergerchurch usher and attendant
vergiformshaped like a rod
verglasfilm of ice on rock
veridicalveracious; genuine; truthful
verilytruly; certainly; confidently
verismartistic preference of the everyday to the legendary
verjuicesour juice of unripe fruit
vermeilbright red; scarlet; vermilion
vermeologystudy of worms
vermianlike a worm
vermicidekilling of worms
vermicularof, like or pertaining to worms
vermiformshaped like a worm
vermifugalexpelling worms
vermigerousbearing, containing or infested with worms
vermigradecreeping like a worm
vermilionbright red
vermivorouseating worms
vernalof, like or pertaining to spring
vernalizeto make springlike; to freshen
verniclecloth with image of Christ's face impressed upon it
vernicosebrightly polished or varnished
verriculetuft of hairs or bristles
verruciformshaped like a wart; wartlike
versabilityaptness to be turned around
versalornamental letter at beginning of section
versantgeneral slope of a mountain
versicleshort verse in church service normally followed by response
versicoloureddiversely or changeably coloured
versicularof or in verse
versiformchanging in form
verstunit of distance equal to approximately 2/3 of a mile
versusagainst; in contrast to
versutecrafty; wily
vertthe heraldic colour green
verticitypower of turning
vertiginousof, like or pertaining to vertigo; dizzy; giddy
vervelring for a hawk's jess
vervelledecorated connector between helmet and mail of suit of armour
vesicalof, like or pertaining to the bladder
vesicateto blister
vespacidesubstance or person who kills wasps
vespalof, like or pertaining to wasps
vespersprayer service held in early evening
vespertinalof, like or pertaining to the evening
vespiarywasp's nest
vespineof, like or pertaining to hornets or wasps
vestawax-stemmed match
vestiaryrobing-room; cloakroom; of, like or pertaining to clothes
vestitureclothes; covering; coat
vestrypriest's dressing room
vesturerkeeper of vestments
vesuviansmoker's slow-burning match
vesuviateto erupt; to burst with heat
vetandaforbidden things
vetitivehaving the power to veto
vetturacarriage, cab or car
vexillarystandard-bearer; pertaining to regimental colours or flags
vexillologystudy of flags
viaggiatorytraveling frequently
viameterinstrument for measuring revolutions of a wheel
viatectureconstruction of roads and bridges
viaticalof, like or pertaining to roads or travel
viaticummoney or provisions for journey; Eucharist for a dying person
viatortraveller; wayfarer
vibraslapmodern percussion instrument with rod and ball
vibratilecapable of vibratory motion
vibrissatactile bristle such as cat's whisker; bristly hair
vibrographinstrument for recording vibrations
vibrometerinstrument for measuring vibrations
vibronicof or caused by electronic vibration
vicarialof, like or pertaining to a vicar or delegate
vicein place of; rather than
vicegerentacting in place of another; having delegated authority
vicegodhostile appellation applied to the Pope
vicenarybased on the number twenty
vicennialoccurring every twenty years
vicereinewife of a viceroy
vicinageneighbourhood; residents in a neighbourhood
vicinalneighboring; local
victimologystudy of victims
victorialight open two-seated four-wheeled carriage
victuallerone who operates a pub or eatery
vicunafabric made from wool of the vicuna, a small ruminant
videlicetto wit; namely
videndumthing to be seen
videturit seems
vidimusattested copy; inspection of accounts
viduagewidowhood; widows collectively
viduouswidowed; empty
vigesimalbased on the number twenty
vigiadanger warning on a chart
vigorishpercentage of gambler's winnings taken by bookkeeper
vigoroteam sport combining cricket and baseball
vilipendto despise; to make light of; to disparage mockingly
villanellepoem consisting of five tercets and a quatrain
villarof, like or pertaining to a manor or village
villaticrural; of, like or pertaining to a villa
villeggiaturaa stay in the country
villiformof the form or shape of velvet
villussoft velvety hair or fur
vimenlong thin branch or twig
vimineouswith long flexible shoots
vinalof or due to wine
vinciblethat may be overcome
vindemialof, like or pertaining to the vintage
vindemiateto gather grapes or other fruit
vineaticof, like or pertaining to vines
vinewto make or become mouldy
vinewedmouldy; musty
vinificationprocess of fermenting wine
vinolentaddicted to wine
vinologyscientific study of vines and winemaking
vinousdeep red; burgundy
vinouslike wine; pertaining to wine; wine-coloured
violaticflying about
viperiformshaped like a snake or viper
viperineof, like or pertaining to vipers
viperousof, like, or pertaining to vipers; treacherous; venomous
viraginoussuggestive of a loud overbearing woman
viragomanlike or heroic woman
virasonsea breeze
virelayold French poem with refrain and unusual rhyming scheme
virescentbecoming green or greenish; of a greenish colour
virgalcomposed of twigs
virgateold unit of land area usually equal to 30 acres or 1/4 hide
virgaterodlike; twiggy
virguleslanting line; solidus; "/"
viricidekilling of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
viridariumRoman garden
viridianchrome green
viridigenousproducing greenness
viriditygreenness; freshness
virilescencedevelopment of male character in the female
viriliamale reproductive organs
viripotentfit for a husband; marriageable
virologystudy of viruses
virosepoisonous; foul
virucidekilling of viruses
viruliferousbearing or containing a virus
visforce; power
visagistexpert in facial make-up
visardmask or visor
vis-a-vislight carriage with seats facing one another
visceralof the organs of the body
viscidsemi-fluid; sticky; glutinous; viscous
viscometerinstrument for measuring viscosity
visibiliathings that are seen
visileof, like or pertaining to sight; learning easily by sight
visiogenicsuitable for transmission by television
visitadorofficial visitor or inspector
visiveof, like or pertaining to sight; visual; able to see or be seen
visometerinstrument for measuring focal length of the eye
vitalismthe doctrine that there is a vital force behind life
vitativeconcerned with the preservation of life
vitellarybright yellow
vitelligenousproducing yolk
vitellusyolk of an egg
vitiateimpair quality of; make invalid; spoil; make impure
viticetumplantation of vines; vineyard
viticolousliving on vines
vitiferousbearing vines
vitilitigationvexatious wrangling
vitragethin curtain for windows or glazed doors
vitrailstained glass
vitrescenttending to become glass
vitrescibleable to be turned into glass
vitricsglassy materials; glassware; study of glassware
vitrifactionprocess of converting into glass
vitriformof the form or shape of glass
vitrineglass display case
vitrioliccaustic or hostile
vittaband or stripe of colour on an animal or plant
vittatestriped lengthwise
vitularof, like or pertaining to a calf or to calving
vitulineof, like or pertaining to calves or veal
vituperationabuse; rejection
vivandièrefemale camp follower who supplies provisions
vivariumartificial enclosure for keeping live animals
vivatlong live
viverrineof, like or pertaining to civets and mongoose
viverrineof, like or pertaining to the civet
viversfood; eatables
viviparousproducing live young
vivisepulturepractice of burying people alive
vocabularianof, like or pertaining to vocabulary
vocativeindicating calling or personal address
vociculturalof, like or pertaining to voice training
vociferateto cry out with a loud voice; to bawl
voicespondencecorrespondence by means of recorded oral messages
voidedof a heraldic charge, having the inner part cut away
voilesoft fine sheer fabric
voiturierdriver of a carriage or coach
voivodeleader of an army; provincial governor
volaciousapt or fit to fly
volagegiddy; flighty; fickle
volantflying; able to fly; of a heraldic bird, with wings extended
volarof, like or pertaining to the palm or the sole; of, like or pertaining to flight
volationability to fly
volcanologystudy of volcanoes
volensconsenting to a course of action which requires risk
voleryplace for aircraft repair
voletshort veil worn at the back of the head
volitantflying; flitting; fluttering; moving about
volitationflying; flight
volitiveof, like or pertaining to the will
volitiveexpressing desire or permission
volitorialable to fly
volplaneto glide through the air
voltaold leaping dance
voltameterinstrument for measuring electrical current indirectly
voltigeurlightly armed skirmisher
voltinismbreeding rhythm; brood frequency
voltmeterinstrument for measuring electrical potential
volublefluent in speech; too fluent or glib
volucrineof, like or pertaining to birds; bird-like
volumenometerinstrument for measuring volume of a solid
volumeterinstrument for measuring volume of a liquid or gas
voluminalof, like or pertaining to volume or cubic capacity
voluntarismbelief that the will dominates the intellect
voluptuarysensualist; person fond of luxury
voluptysexual pleasure
volutationaction of rolling; turning; wallowing
volutedin spiral form
volutionrevolving movement; convolution; whorl
volvelleinstrument like an astrolabe used by doctors for astrology
vomituritionviolent retching
voraginousof, like or pertaining to a whirlpool; voracious
voragogulf; chasm; abyss
vorpalkeen; deadly
vorticalof, like or pertaining to a vortex; whirling
vorticistpainter who expresses complexity of machinery through art
vorticityamount of vortical motion in a fluid
vortoscopedevice using mirrors to produce abstract photographs
votationaction of voting
votivegiven by vow; consisting of a vow or wish
voussoirwedge-like stone forming part of an arch
vugsmall cavity in a rock
vulcanologystudy of volcanoes
vulgocommonly; popularly
vulgusthe common people; schoolboy Latin composition
vulneraryhealing wounds
vulnerateto wound
vulpecularof, like or pertaining to a young fox
vulpicidekilling of a fox
vulpineof, like or pertaining to foxes; cunning
vulsellaforceps with toothed blades
vulturinerapacious; of, like or pertaining to a vulture
vulvarof, like or pertaining to or resembling the vulva
vulviformshaped like an oval or a vulva


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