Friday, April 22, 2011

Basic English the Mikie Metric Way 2


Lesson 2:  Basic Survival Sentences

I want __(something)  .  
I want a pizza.I want a job.I want an aspirin.I want a new car.
I want a drink.I want an orange.I want some change.I want a room.
I want the newspaper.I want some water.I want some gas.I want the telephone.
Notice the Articles - A, AN, THE - and the adjective SOME.  They all point out nouns. 
  • A is used before words that begin with a consonant sound.  It refers to any one of a group of things.  "A pizza" means one of the pizzas in the shop: not a particular one. 
  • AN is used before words that begin with a vowel sound.  It also refers to any one of a group of things.  "An aspirin" means one of the aspirins in the bottle or medicine cabinet, but no special one.
  • THE refers to a particular something: "I want the newspaper."  usually means today's newspaper or the most recent one. It could also mean the only newspaper in the room or the one on the table.
  • SOME  means an indefinite amount of the noun it refers to.  "some water" could mean a glass of water, half a glass of water, or a bucket of water.  The exact meaning would be different in different situations.

I need   (something)  .
I need a drink.I need a job.I need a new car.I need a hug.
I need an aspirin. I need an umbrella.I need an overcoat.I need an envelope.
I need some gas.I need some change.I need some milk.I need some help.
I need the screwdriver.I need the phone book.I need the newspaper.I need the answer.

I have   (something)  
I have a headache.I have a toothache.I have a stomach ache.I have the newspaper.
I have the time.I have two sisters.I have an apartment.I have a good job.
I have an idea.I have an apple.I have some coffee.I have some friends.
In the place of the articles (A, AN, THE), you can often use numbers or amount words:  "I have a lot of time."  "I have little time." "I have a cup of coffee."  "I have two friends."  "I need 5 gallons of gas."  "I need three envelopes." "I want two aspirins."

I want to   (+ verb)  This form talks about an action I wish to take but is not necessary.
I want to go home.I want to stay home.I want to work.I want to sleep.
I want to drive.I want to write a letter.I want to change shoes.I want to help.

I need to   (+ verb)  .  This form is used for an action that is necessary or important to take.
I need to sleep.I need to exercise.I need to wake up.I need to buy milk.
I need to go shopping.I need to study.I need to pay bills.I need to drive slowly.

I have to   (+ verb) + .  This form is to talk about an action I am obligated to do - very important.
I have to rest.I have to work.I have to eat.I have to visit Mother.
I have to take a test.I have to pay my rent.I have to fix my car.I have to finish this job.


Exercise A:  Complete the following sentences with I want,  I need, or I have
1. ____________ some cherry pie.4. _____________ a lawyer.7. ____________ an ice cream cone.
2. _____________ new tires for my car.5. _____________ film for my camera.8. ____________ a wife and two kids.
3. ____________ some cold medicine.6. ____________ too many bills.9. ____________ a vacation.

Exercise B: Complete the following sentences with I wantI haveI need.
1. ___________ to go swimming.4. ___________ to polish my shoes.7. ___________ to mow the grass.
2. ___________ to buy groceries.5. ___________ to watch a movie.8. ___________ to play basketball.
3. ___________ to attend school.6. ___________ to pay my taxes.9. ___________ to learn English.


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