Monday, December 20, 2010

Basic Computer Terms and Glossary


A searchable glossary of computer and Internet terms with simple definitions and mini explanations those are easy to understand, covering both the basic and the little advance.
  • Byte is a combination of Eight bits.
  • A standard keyboard has a total of or keys.
  • Combination of four bits is Nibble
  • A Command is a kind of coded message.
  • Word is the combination of two or more than two bytes.
  • Binary code is a term which describes a way of counting.
  • A, Binary digit, or bit for short is a number. It is either or.
  • Data is a plural word which means facts or information.
  • A Floppy disk is a part of a computer and it stores data and programes.
  • A Hard disk stores information inside some kinds of computer.
  • Input is information which flows into a computer.
  • A mouse is a part of Computer
  • A random access memory (RAM) is a part of a Computer
  • A read-only memory, or ROM for short, is a part of a Computer
  • Software, programs and data that are used by Computers
  • A general collection of data shared by a variety of users is Database
  • Finnware is defined as software embedded into the hardware.
  • A Keyboard is a part of a computer; it has rows of buttons, called keys.
  • Logic is a set of rules which controls the way in which computers work.
  • A Laser is a device which produces a beam of very bright and powerful light.
  • A Byte is a number, it carries instructions or information inside computers.
  • A Mainframe computer is the largest and most powerful kind of computer.
  • A Megabyte is a unit of measurement which measures an amount of data or the size of the memory in a computer.
  • A Modem is a part of computers which connects a computer to a telephone line.
  • A postprocessor is a Computer which uses a special kind of program. Words are typed on a keyboard and they appear on the screen of a visual display unit.
  • A programme which converts assembly language programme into Machine language programme.
  • Zero and one in their endless combination constitute binary I system on which Computers are based.
  • Bit is the basic unit of Inverters. It can have two values one and zero only.
  • Boolean algebra was developed to deal with binary numbers. Under the binary system all ordinary Arithmetical operations are reduced to their simplest form.
  • Compiler is a programme which translates a high-level language programme into Machine language.
  • The term given to the machinery itself and to me various individual pieces of equipment is Hardware.
  • A set of instructions given to the computer in a particular sequence for solving a given problem is Programme.
  • A collection of programmes writ- ten to bring the hardware of a computer system into operation is Software.
  • The Operating system is an organised collection of routines and procedures for operating a computer.
  • Time Sharing is the concurrent use of a single computer system by Many independent users.
  • A central processing (pit (CPU), is a part of a Computer, it uses a program to change data that pass through it.
  • A Computer is an electronic machine which can solve problems very quickly.
  • Hard copy is the information which is printed onto paper. The information usually comes from a computer or from a fax machine.
  • A Kilobyte is a unit of measurement which measures an amount of data or the size of the memory in a computer.


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