Saturday, December 18, 2010

Answers for all your Questions from online People through IM, Twitter, email Aardvark


This website Aardvark is a free online social network based find answers to all your questions easily. Instead of googling for each and everything, Aardvark will get the solutions for people who know the answer. It is the first Social Search Engine which searches for people instead of web pages. You can use it via email, Instant Messenger, Twitter, iPhone and also the Web version.
You can add Aardvark as a friend on your IM list and whenever you need anything you can just open the window and type your question and Aardvark will ask you details and asks your friends, and friends of friends to find the right person to answer your question.
Everything can be done by typing keywords in the reply window like Pass, If you don’t know the answer and Mute, If the particular topic is not familiar to you and Sure, if you want to answer, etc.
The answers you get through Aardvark are much better than Google as you will be getting them from people who know and not just from any other website with resources. The recent launch of website makes it much easier to use this free application.
If you got a question, Just go to Aardvark website, and ask your question in the space provided and Aardvark will send the question to some people and picks perfect person to answer and sends the response via eMail , IM or Twitter. You can also see live questions that just got answered.
You need to create an account to find your answers. It is very easy process and Facebook Connect can also be used to login. Aardvark works on information sharing and it is very useful to get the right solutions for your questions. I am testing it from a long time and it always satisfied me with great results. You got to try it to know its benefits.


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