Thursday, December 16, 2010

ELectricity Do's & Dont's


• Always, install safety equipments like Earth leakage / overload & short circuit protection (circuit breakers / switches ) near point of supply.
• Ensure healthy earthing is installed at your premises.
• Ensure only IS marked cables of proper capacity are used for your installation and get the wiring done through only licensed Electrical Contractors.
• Pay the energy bills regularly at within due date to avoid inconvenience due to disconnection.
• Use electricity only when needed, switch off the supply when not required.

• Always use proper capacity fuse wire in main switches.
• To got proper voltage, install adequate capacitors for inductive loads.
• Use only ISI marked electrical equipments.
• Ensure safety of energy meter and metering equipments in your premises. Provide weather Proof enclosures to meters and metering equipments.
• For rectification of faults in your installations, call licensed electrical contractors only.
• If energy meter provided is found stopped / faulty, please bring the facts to the notice of authorities immediately.
• Use electricity only for purpose for which the service connection has been given (i.e domestic).
• Get your supply converted from single-phase to three –phase if the total connected load exceeds 4000 watts.

• Observe safety precautions to avoid electrical accidents.
• Replace promptly defective electrical fittings and appliances.
• Get the internal wiring checked up periodically not only to avoid leakage of electricity but also to safeguard the lives of the inmates in the premises.
Disclaimer : Please check with your electricity provider for terms & conditions of usage of service. Tech Process Solutions Ltd. doesn't claim responsibility for the contents of this article.


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