Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go Green


  • First step in go green process is to turn off the lights of your home or office when not in use to lower monthly electricity bills and to save energy.
  • We should buy only those electricity bulbs or tubes which are more energy efficient.
  • Use recycled paper for printing your documents.
  • Try to use printer capable of double-sided printing though it is very difficult but it will save pape and reduce cost also.

    • Going green by using eco-friendly products is an must these days.
    • Try to get paperless statements(online) from your banks or financial institutions in stead of mailed ones.
    • Use those items which can be recycled easily.
    • Try to avoid use of polythene.
    • After washing your hands use only paper towels needed to dry them. I see people grab four and five towels to dry their hands.
    • Some people are also involved in Green Home Businesses these days to save the enviorment

      Keep the earth as green as possible while keeping more ‘green’ in your pocket.
      Discover ways of having an online green home based business with EcoQuest International, a company that offers air purification products that promote healthy environment. Head over to Ecoquest's profile for more background information.


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