Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Trophies Associated with Sports


Below the list of International Trophies and awards with associated games and sports:
Games/Sports Trophies/Awards
Air Races King’s Cup 
Badminton  Thomas Cup 
Badminton (Women) Uber Cup 
Basketball William’s Cup 
Cricket Ashes 
Cricket Benson and Hedges 
Cricket World Cup 
Cricket Reliance Cup 
Cricket Rothman’s Trophy 
Football Colombo Cup 
Football Merdeka Cup 
Football European Champions Cup 
Golf Canada Cup 
Golf Rydet Cup 
Golf Walker Cup 
Golf Eisenhower Cup 
Hockey World Cup 
Hockey Essande Champions Cup 
Hockey Rene Frank Trophy 
Horse Race Derby 
Horse Streple Chase Race Grand National 
Lawn Tennis Davis Cup 
Lawn Tennis Wightman Cup 
Lawn Tennis Edgbaston Cup 
Lawn Tennis Grand Prix 
Polo Westchester Cup 
Table Tennis Grand Prix 
Table Tennis (Men) Swaythling Cup 
Table Tennis (Women) Corbitton Cup 
Tennis U. Thant Cup 
Weight-lifting  World Cup 
World Soccer Cup Jules Rimet Trophy 
Yacht Racing American Cup


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great work done by posting this article i must say....i did get lots of good information about the Trophies Associated with different Sports at the international level. thanks for sharing such post here. it would be nice if you can share some more information related trophies Associated to other industries too here in your future posts.....

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