Tuesday, April 12, 2011

E-learning in India


E-learning in India

E-learning or electronic learning in India is gaining prominence slowly, but indeed steadily. This is due to the fact that more than half the population of India today is below 25 years of age and the number of Internet users are growing continuously. The tremendous growth of the economy in the recent past has also helped in the growth of online education in India. E-learning in India is specially popular with the young professionals who have joined the work force quite early but still would like to continue their education that may help them move up their career ladder quickly and safely. They find online education in India very convenient, as the nature of the course work does not require them to attend regular classes. Moreover reputed institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade are today offering e-learning courses.

Thus e-learning in India makes it possible for the learners to pursue their education from reputed institutes without much hassle.

Scope of online education in India
The scope of online education in India is actually much wider. Apart from proper course works, some E-learning portals in India are also conducting mock tests for various competitive examinations like engineering, medical, management etc. For example, the Indiatimes group has introduced the Mindscape test center where one can appear for mock IIT-JEE exams online for making self-assessment. The Gurukul online Solutions, apart from providing various courses, set up a Jobs and Careers Centre™ (JCC), which, not only provides job-oriented vocational education in a variety of domains, but also provides career enriching courses via eLearning. They also offer Live Virtual Classroom connectivity to over 175 cities across India. Some E-learning portals in India are also providing tutorials for school students. Thus the reach of E-learning in India has expanded from adults to teenagers.

The future of E-learning industry seems to be very bright in India as number of Internet users is growing in the country at quite a satisfactory pace and more and more reputed players are showing their interest in the e-learning business. In fact, if prices of computers become affordable and Internet speed becomes tolerable, e- learning can work wonders for the country. Therefore, on this page, we would be providing information about all the online courses in India and the key players that are providing e-learning solutions in India.


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