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Bank clerical exam computer questions SOLVED TEST MCQ Computer Awareness


Bank clerical exam computer questions SOLVED TEST MCQ
Clerical Exam Sample Paper:Computer Awareness test
Computer Awareness
15 solved questions
1.Which of following is not an open source OS?
(B) Ubuntu
(C) Vista

2 Measuring Unit of Capacity of Hard drive is ?
(B) GB
(C) Gwatts
(D)G Newton
3. CAD/CAM is ?
(A)Operating System
(B)Type of Virus usually Trojan
(C)Computer Basic parts
4.Overclocking is done to ?
(A)Hard Disk
(B) processor
(C) OS
5.While Buying PC Check FSB Speed. FSB Speed is word associated with ?
(A)Hard Disk
(B) Motherboard
(D)Fan Speed
6. Hyper-threading (HT) is related to ?
(C) Mother Board
(D)Hard Disk
7. Intel and AMD are Leaders in
(C) Mother Board
(D)Hard Disk
8. IDE (ATA) or SATA interface connect Mother Board with ?
(C) Monitor
(D)Hard Disk
9. USB is a type of ?
(C) Monitor

10 What menu is selected for printing?
(C) File
11.The name a user assigns to file is called?
(A)File name
12.Two access properties of an object ,we use mouse to
(A)Left Click
(B)Right Click
(C) Drag
13 To assess a Main Frame Computer Users normally use
(C) Laptop
(D)None of these
14.Web address is a unique address to identify ……… on web
15.Optical storage unit is used in modern PC and is known as

1 C
2 B
3 D
4 B
5 B
6 A
7 A
8 D
9 B
10 C
11 A
12 B
13 A
14 D
15 B


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