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Held  22 November 2009
The Below Given Questions were a part of Corp Bank  General Awareness Paper
Most of the questions are about economic issues and current affairs/GK
1. Which of the following is/ are the highlights of the Union Budget 2009-10 ? The Finance Minister promised
1. To bring fiscal deficit under control, institutional reforms will be initiated during the year.
2. Banks and insurance companies will remain in public sector and government will provide full support to these institutions to remain competitive by capital infusion, wherever necessary.
3. Banks will be allowed to set up offsite ATMs without prior approval from the RBI.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only3
(D) Only l and 3
(E) All 1, 2 and 3
2. As per the reports published in various newspapers/magazines and journals, the year 2008 was an important milestone in the evaluation of human settlements. For the first time in the human history, the population living in urban areas exceeded that in rural areas. What is India’s position in this regard?
1. India is a relatively less urbanized country with only 30% of its total population living in cities.
2. The size of its urban population is the second largest in the world.
3. India has more than 100 biggest cities in the world.
(A) Only I
(B) Orily2
(C) Only 1 and 2
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these

3. Which of the following is/ are true about the Railway Budget 2009-10?
1. Railway tickets to be made available through post offices and mobile vans.
2. Long distance trains will have on-board doctor and infotainment services.
3. Tatkal scheme of booking is modified. Instead of booking tickets under the scheme five days in advance, it can now be done only two days in advance.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these
4. The Govt. of India has set up a special group to devise a long term pricing formula, so that it can cope up with the prevailing global volatility in the prices of which of the following commodities?
(A) Sugar
(B) Paddy
(C) Crude oil and Petroleum
(D) Gold
(E) Pulses
5. What was the amount sanctioned by the Govt. of India during 2008-09 for providing drinking
water to rural parts of India?
(A) Rs. 30,000 crore
(B) Rs. 40,000 crore
(C) Rs. 53,000 crore
(D) Rs. 60,000 crore
(E) Rs. 73,000 crore
6. The Reserve Bank of India has reconstituted the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on monetary policy with effect from 1st July 2009. Who is the Chair person of the same?
(A) D. Subbarao
(B) K. C. Chakrabarty
(C) Shyamala Gopinath
(D) Usha Thorat
(E) None of these
7. Which of the following statements about the ‘State of Indian Economy, during 2008-09 is/ are true?
1. The growth of real GDP during 2008-09 was recorded at 67%, compared to 9% during 2007-08.
2. The fiscal deficit was the greatest cause of concern as it exceeded the budget estimates and stood at 13%.
3. Forex reserves were at a very comfortable position as India got a lot of FDI’s and FlI’s during the year. How ever, 60% of the reserves were deployed to manage oil and petroleum imports and subsidies on all such products.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only2
(C) Only3
(D) All 1, 2 and 3
(E) None of these
8. As per the announcement made recently, the Govt. of India is going to launch a National Mission for which of the following in near future?
(A) National Mission for Female Literacy
(B) National Mission for Abolishing Child Labour
(C) National Mission for Computer Literacy
(D) National Mission for protecting the Rights of Physically Challenged
(E) None of these
9. Which of the following is one of the most successful programmes under Bharat Nirman?
(A) Pradhan Maritri Gram Sadak Yojana
(B) Watershed Development Scheme
(C) Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana
(D) Indira Awas Yojana
(E) None of these
10. Which of the following! is/ are true about the Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY) to be launched soon?
1.The scheme will be launched in one village of each district in UP., Bihar and Rajasthan as a pilot project.
2. The scheme is only for villages where the 50 per cent population is of Scheduled Castes.
3. An amount of Rs. 1,00,000 crore is provided for the scheme out of which 50% will come as grant-in-aid from the UNO.
(A)       Only 1
(B)       Only 2
(C)       Only3
(D)       All 1,2 and 3
(E)      None of these

11. As per the recent announcement made by the Govt. of India, a special One Time Grant of Rs. 100 crore is given to which of the following organizations?
(A) Administrative Staff College of India (Hyderabad)
(B) Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)
(C) International Institute for Population Sciences (Mumbai)
(D) Indian Institute of Techno logy (Delhi)
(E) Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (Dehradun)
12. Which of the following is NOT prescribed / recommended by the Economic Survey 2008-09 presented to the Lok Sabha recently?
(A) Allow 49% FDI in defence and insurance sectors
(B) Decontrol diesel and petroleum prices
(C) Increase exemption limit on personal income tax upto Rs 5,00, 000
(D) List all unlisted PSU’s and sell a minimum 10% equity to public
(E) Decontrol sugar and fertilizer
13. Which of the following countries is planning to launch its first Mars probe in near future?
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) India
(D) Russia
14. Which of the following countries is at the top of the ‘World Green Index’ compiled by the America’s ‘National Geographic Society’ and also through an international polling from ‘Global Scan’?
(A) South Africa
(C) China
(D) India
(E) None of these
15. As we all know G-20 has set up a working group to find out the reasons of the recent economic crisis and global slowdown. What according to the reports of the working group was / were the main reasons of the crisis and slowdown?
1. Allowing cheap liquidity and sub-prime lending
2. Poor credit appraisals and securitisation
3.excessive dependence on credit ratings
(A) Only 1
(B) Only
(C) Only 3
(D) Only 1 and 3
(E) All 1,2 and 3
16. Which of the oil rich gulf countries elected its first women parliamentarians when four women were declared elected in its recently held elections?
(C) Kuwait
(D) Iraq
(E) None of these
17. Which of the following state govts. decided to have a ‘Mahila Court’ in every district of the state ?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) AndhraPradesh
(C) Kamataka
(D) Delhi
(E) Uttar Pradesh
18. The first Republic Day of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal was celebrated on which
of the following days?
(A) 16th August 2009
(B) 29th June 2009
(C) l6thJuly 2009
(D) 29th May 2009
(E) 20th May 2009
19. The ‘8th Annual Asian Security Summit’ was organized in which of the following places in May
(A) Seoul
(B) Yangon
(C) Singapore
(D) Kathmandu
(B) New Delhi
20. Who amongst the following won Women’s singles Title of ‘Spanish Open Badminton-2009’ the final for which was played at Madrid in May 2009?
(A) Sayali Gokhale
(B) Lianne Tan
(C) Nathalie Descamps
(D) Jill Pittard
(E) None of these
21. Which of the following is the Bank Rate at present?
(A) 3%
(B) 5%
(C) 6%
(D) 7%
(E) None of these
22. P. Mangesh Chandran whose name was in news recently is a famous ?
(A) Chess player
(B) Playback singer
(C) Cine actor
(D) Author
(B) Journalist
23. Which of the following teams won the Champions League Football 2009, the final of which was played in Rome in May
(A) Manchester United
(B) Barcelona
(C) Everton
(D) Chelsea
(E) None of these
24. Which of the following states is holding a unique summit on Tigers at global level?
(A) West Bengal
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Rajasthan
(E) Chhattisgarh
25. Which of the following is Statutory Liquidity Ratio at present in India?
(A) 16%
(B) 11%
(C) 6%
(D) 33%
(E) None of these
26. Mr. Deep Joshi’s name was in news as he has been awarded?
(A) Pulitzer Prize
(B) Raman Magsaysay Award
(C) Man Booker Prize
(D) Jamunalal Bajaj Award
(E) None of these
27. Bihar Sugarcane Amendment Bill (Regulation of Supply and purchase) 2007 will enable State Govt. to?
(A) Purchase sugarcane from the farmers and supply it to sugar factories directly at a predetermined price. This will save farmers from exploitation by the factories who do not pay them adequately and in time.
(B) Produce ethanol directly from sugarcane
(C) Force farmers to sell their entire production of sugarcane to sugar mills in cooperative sector only and not to private mills who are paying exorbitantly high price to the farmers. Cooperative mills are not getting enough supply to keep them alive
(D) Compel farmers to produce sugarcane in at last 30% of their land as Bihar is losing its major share in sugarcane production due to unwillingness of farmers to grow sugarcane. They wish to switch over to other high cost crops which give them good returns
(E) None of these
1 E
2 E
3 D
4 C
5 E
6 E
7 A
8 A
9  D
10 B
11 E
12 C
13  A
14 D
15 E
16 C
17 B
18 E
19 C
20 E
21 C
22 A
23 B
24 D
25 E
26 B
27 B


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