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pre medical personal coaching free practice test Botany


pre medical personal coaching free practice test Botany

pre medical personal coaching free practice test Botany
Free Online Medical Tests, Exams, Exam Study practice
pre med test requirements are proficiency in Physics Chemistry and Biology
This is among the free pre med courses which provides personal coaching for pre medical
This Free coaching includes practice test of Botany Zoology physics Chemistry n
pre med online practice test for pre medical colleges exam for free
1. Jumping genes in maize were discovered by:
(a) Hugo de Vries
(b) Barbara Mc Clintock
(c) T.H. Morgan.
(d) Mendel
Ans. (b)
2. Streptomycin is obtained from:
(a) Streptomyces griseus
(b) S. aureofaciens
(c) S. venezuelae
(d) S. ramosus
Ans. (a)
3. Binomial system of nomenclature was given by
(a) Julian Huxley
(b) Bentham and Hooker
(c) Linnaeus
(d) Casper Bauhin
Ans. (c)
4. Morphine obtained from Opium is:
(a) Latex
(b) Pome
(c) Alkaloid
(d) Tannin
Ans. (c)
5. Indusium is found in:
(a) Algae
(b) Ferns
(c) Moss
(d) Cycas
Ans. (b)
6. The vacuole is lined by a membrane called:
(a) Tonoplast
(b) Jacket
(c) Cell membrane
(d) Tonoplasm
Ans. (a)
7. Agar-agar is obtained from:
(a) Chiorella
(b) Spirogyra
(c) Ulothrix
(d) Gelidium
Ans. (d)
8. Effect of pollution is observed first on:
(a) Micro-organisms
(b) Food crop
(c) Green vegetation
(d) Herbivores
Ans. (c)
9. DNA element with ability to change its position, is called
(a) Cistron
(b) Transposon
(c) Intron
(d) Recon
Ans. (b)
10. Initiation codon is:
(a) UUU
(b) UGA
(c) AUG
(d) UAG
Ans. (c)
11. DNA multiplication is called:
(a) Translation
(b) Replication
(c) Transduction
(d) Transcription
Ans. (b)
12. Duramen is present in:
(a) Inner region of secondary wood
(b) Part of sap wood
(c) Outer region of secondary wood
(d) Region of pericycle
Ans. (a)
13. In plants, water supply is due to:
(a) Osmosis
(b) Imbibition
(c) Guttation
(d) Adhesion force
Ans. (d)
14. Programmed cell death is scientifically termed as:
(a) Autotomy
(b) Celiysis
(c) Apoptosis
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)
15. Paraffin wax is:
(a) Ester
(b) Acid
(c) Monohydric alcohol
(d) Cholesterol
Ans. (a)
16. Medicine for curing respiratory problems is obtained from:
(a) Ephedra
(b) Calotropis
(c) Eucalyptus
(d) Cannabis
Ans. (a)
17. In Funaria, stomata are presenpn the:
(a) Stem
(b) Leaves
(c) Capsule
(d) Apophysis
Ans. (d)
18. The process after glycolysis in anaerobic respiration. is known as :
(a) Fermentation
(b) Respiration
(c) KREBS cycle
(d) Decomoposition
Ans. (a)
19. Which is always present in photochemical smog?
(a) O3
(b) CO2
(c) SO2
(d) CH4
Ans. (a)
20. Which crop utilises solar energy most efficiently?
(a) Potato
(b) Sugarcane
(c) Wheat
(d) Rice
Ans. (b)
21. Viral genome incoporated host DNA is called:
(a) Prophase
(b) Prophage
(c) Bacteriophage
(d) None of these
Ans. (b)
22. In cell cycle, during which phase, chromosomes are arranged in equatorial plate?
(a) Metaphase
(b) Anaphase
(c) Telophase
(d) Prophase
Ans. (a)
23. The soil which is transported by wind is known as:
(a) Colluvial
(b) Eolian
(c) Alluvial
(d) Glacial soil
Ans. (b)
24. Spindle fibre is made up of:
(a) Tubulin
(b) Humulin
(c) Intermediate filament
(d) Flagellin
Ans. (a)
25. The yielding of rice is increased by:
(a) Azolla
(b) Nostoc
(c) Anabaena
(d) Clostridium
Ans. (a)


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