Thursday, February 24, 2011

Modern Therapies


Modern Therapies
Angiography: x ray, catheterize heart, inject radio-opaque dye to outline it: an invasive technique.
Non-invasive: nuclear medicine, a _ camera, technetium-99, radioactive emissions, image blood pool.

Also, echocardiography, CT, MRI imaging.
Surgical methods: pacemakers to correct arrhythmias, valve prosthetics, coronary artery bypass (double, triple), balloon angioplasty, laser surgery, transplantation, ventricular assist devices (LVAD).
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The goal of standard modern therapy is to remove or kill cancerous cells. The three most common forms of treatment are Medical Oncology/ Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and surgery. Within each of these categories are specialized forms of treatment such as Prostate Seed Implants and Gamma Knife surgery.

The form of treatment you receive will largely be dependent upon your age, your general health and the location, type and/or stage of cancer you may have.
In any event, millions of people living today have been cured of cancer. The sooner you can detect it and treat it, the better your chances are of a cure. Be comfortable with your doctor, his office, hospital and staff. And do get a second opinion. There is always a choice in the treatments recommended, so review your options. Be informed. You are your own best advocate.


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