Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Objective General Knowledge


Q. 14 N.E.L.P Blocks, 1 J.V. Blocks, 2 Nomination Blocks and 4 C.B.M. Blocks are related to:
1 Gypsum belt
2 Gold belt
3 Petroleum Exploration
4 Lignite belt
Ans: 3
Q. Which automobile company has been allotted 600 Acres land of Khuskheda(Bhiwadi) for manufacturing cars?
1 Ford
2 Toyota
3 Honda Cial
4 Volkswagen
Ans: 3
Q. Rajasthan State industrial Development and Investment Corporation(RIICO)has signed as MoU with a Japanese Company for Establishment of Japanese units in Neemrana industrial area. that Japanese company is-
1 Jetro
2 Hetro
3 Honda cial
4 Mitsubisi
Ans: 4
Q. Which one among the following statement is 'incorrect'? New Industrial and investment Policy of Rajasthan 2010 is introduced and it states that-
1 During next five years 51 lakh persons will get employment
2 13 Sectors are more important to be focused
3 Land will be available to industrialists on easy terms
4 Incentive will not be accorded to Private Public Partnership
Ans: 4
Q. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?
1 Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project- Gujarat and Rajasthan
2 Chambal Project-Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
3 Beas Project-Rajasthan,Punjab and Haryana
4 Indira Gandhi canal Project-Rajasthan nad Punjab
Ans: 4
Q. Gang Canal, is among the among the oldest canals was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singhjee in-
1 1930
2 1927
3 1944
4 1932
Ans: 2
Q. Mewa-nagar in Rajasthan is famous for-
1 Jain Temple temple of parshwanath
2 Exports of dry fruits
3 Production of cumin seeds
4 Exports if kathputli Items
Ans: 1
Q. Mixed Farming consists of-
1 Growing of several crops in a planned way
2 Growing rabi as well as kharif Crops
3 Growing several crops and also rearing animals
4 Growing of fruits as well as vegetables
Ans: 3
Q. Which one amongst the following is incorrect?
1 In the western Part of Rajasthan generally salty lakes are available
2 Sambhar lake is the biggest salty lake in India
3 Nakki lake is the deepest lake in Rajasthan
4 Rajsamand lake is 64 kilometer from Udaipur and it is in Udaipur district
Ans: 4
Q. The highest number of state level animals fairs Rajasthan are held in the district?
1 Jhalawar
2 Nagour
3 Barmer
4 Hanumangarh
Ans: 2

Q. "GOD Knows man's virtues and enquires not his caste, in the next world there is no caste!" This was the theory of which Bhakti Saint?
1 Ramanand
2 Dadu
3 Nanak
4 Ramanuja
Ans: 3
Q. The first Human statues worshiped in India were those of-
1 Brahma
2 Vishnu
3 Buddha
4 Shiva
Ans: 3
Q. According to the Sangam texts the terms Kon, Ko and Mannan were attributed to which of the following?
1 Prime minister
2 Revenue Minister
3 Commander of the Army
4 King
Ans: 4
Q. Centers located in Gujarat , Bengal, Deccan and Tamil Country during the Gupta period were associated with which of the following:
1 Textile Manufacture
2 Gems and precious stones
3 Handicrafts
4 Opium cultivation
Ans: 1
Q. Land Revenue , which was the chief source of income during the Mauryan period, was collected by which officer?
1 Agronomai
2 Shulkadhyaksha
3 Sitadhayaksha
4 Akradhayaksha
Ans: 3
Q. Which one among the following sites is located in the valley of Gaggar and its associated rivers?
1 Alamgirpur
2 Lothal
3 Mohenjodaro
4 Banwali
Ans: 4
Q. The Fourth Buddhist Council which was held in Kashmir during the reign of which king?
1 Ashoka
2 Kala Ashok
3 Kanishka
4 Ajatshatru
Ans: 3
Q. 'Blue Baby' syndrome is because of drinking water with excess amounts of-
1 Phosphates
2 Sulphates
3 Carbonates
4 Nitrates
Ans: 4
Q. H5N1 virus causing global pandemic influenza is -
1 Goat flu
2 Bird flu
3 Horse flu
4 Cow flu
Ans: 2
Q. Curd Making is an ancient 'Bio-Technological' process involving-
1 Bacteria
2 Virus
3 Fungus
4 Protozoa
Ans: 1


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