Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Toning is rapidly gaining recognition as a simple and effective means of restoring balance, joy and well-being to anybody with enough curiosity and courage to explore and rediscover this ancient practice. All the so-called 'lost' civilisations practised healing through sound in one form or another. All religions to this day have retained the use of the voice as a means of upliftment. Singing is a powerful means of raising our frequency. Find your voice and start using it!
The process of toning can be described simply as a vocalised meditation using vowel sounds as mantras. When colour visualisations and focused intent are included in the process we have a powerful, readily available tool which is capable of dislodging dense stagnating energy (i.e. fear) and releasing it from our body. In effect, we are utilising the three main healing modalities available to us; light, sound and breath - in essence what we are made of. We use energy to move energy. The best things in life are free!
The human body is a perfect musical instrument designed to receive and transmit energy vibration. Our every cell is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which transmits a frequency particular to its energetic composition. The effect of dissonant frequencies such as negative thoughts, words or loud noises, is an imbalance and depletion of energy. Holding these energies in our bodies eventually causes cell mutation and ultimately, disease.

The focused use of sound in the form of music or our own voice creates a message on a cellular level. Sound moves through any substance and when that substance is a human body, i.e. water, we are presented with some amazing results. Sounds travels through water five and a half times faster than it does through air. Water amplifies sound. When we combine our breath, voice and body, we become the musician and the instrument.
This brings us to the dynamic of choice. Do you choose to play a love song or a fear song? Once again as important component of the toning process pops up. INTENT. Every moment in life is a choice of energy manage


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